Class::MOP::Class - Class Meta Object River stage four • 2991 direct dependents • 4439 total dependents

The Class Protocol is the largest and most complex part of the Class::MOP meta-object protocol. It controls the introspection and manipulation of Perl 5 classes, and it can create them as well. The best way to understand what this module can do is to...

ETHER/Moose-2.2011 - 16 May 2018 03:48:17 GMT

Bolts::Meta::Class::Trait::Bag - Metaclass role for Bolts-built bags River stage zero No dependents

While a bag may be any kind of object, this metaclass role on a bag provides some helpful utilities for creating and managing bags....

HANENKAMP/Bolts-0.143171 - 13 Nov 2014 20:05:02 GMT

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