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Class::Virtually::Abstract - Compile-time enforcement of Class::Virtual River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 25 total dependents

This subclass of Class::Virtual provides compile-time enforcement. That means subclasses of your virtual class are required to implement all virtual methods or else it will not compile....

MSCHWERN/Class-Virtual-0.08 - 06 Aug 2016 20:26:02 UTC

Class::Virtual - Base class for virtual base classes. River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 25 total dependents

THIS MODULE IS DISCOURAGED! Avoid using it for new code. There's nothing wrong with it, but there are better ways to accomplish the same thing. Look into the Moose ecosystem. This is a base class for implementing virtual base classes (what some peopl...

MSCHWERN/Class-Virtual-0.08 - 06 Aug 2016 20:26:02 UTC

Class::Interfaces - A module for defining interface classes inline River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This module provides a simple means to define abstract class interfaces, which can be used to program using the concepts of interface polymorphism. Interface Polymorphism Interface polymorphism is a very powerful concept in object oriented programmin...

STEVAN/Class-Interfaces-0.04 - 10 Dec 2004 21:56:32 UTC

DBIx::Class::Relationship::Base - Inter-table relationships River stage three • 337 direct dependents • 446 total dependents

This class provides methods to describe the relationships between the tables in your database model. These are the "bare bones" relationships methods, for predefined ones, look in DBIx::Class::Relationship....

RIBASUSHI/DBIx-Class-0.082843 - 17 May 2022 10:49:29 UTC
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