Config::Any::YAML - Load YAML config files River stage four • 107 direct dependents • 1164 total dependents

Loads YAML files. Example: --- name: TestApp Controller::Foo: foo: bar Model::Baz: qux: xyzzy...

HAARG/Config-Any-0.32 - 23 Apr 2017 21:53:11 UTC

Config::LNPath - A Simple YAML Config Reader. River stage zero No dependents

LNATION/Config-LNPath-0.03 - 17 Apr 2020 11:27:10 UTC

Config::ZOMG - Yet Another Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

"Config::ZOMG" is a fork of Config::JFDI. It removes a couple of unusual features and passes the same tests three times faster than Config::JFDI. "Config::ZOMG" is an implementation of Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader that exists outside of Catalyst. "...

FREW/Config-ZOMG-1.000000 - 22 Aug 2013 22:55:55 UTC

Jorge::Config - Configuration package to interface with Config::YAML file River stage zero No dependents

PORTA/Jorge-0.05 - 22 Jul 2014 20:11:51 UTC

Config::JFDI - Just * Do it: A Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader-style layer over Config::Any River stage two • 11 direct dependents • 15 total dependents

Config::JFDI is an implementation of Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader that exists outside of Catalyst. Essentially, Config::JFDI will scan a directory for files matching a certain name. If such a file is found which also matches an extension that Confi...

ROKR/Config-JFDI-0.065 - 01 Jan 2011 22:12:16 UTC

Config::Merge - load a configuration directory tree containing YAML, JSON, XML, Perl, INI or Config::General files River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Config::Merge is a configuration module which has six goals: * Flexible storage Store all configuration in your format(s) of choice (YAML, JSON, INI, XML, Perl, Config::General / Apache-style config) broken down into individual files in a configurati...

DRTECH/Config-Merge-1.04 - 25 Aug 2014 12:52:11 UTC

Config::Any - Load configuration from different file formats, transparently River stage four • 107 direct dependents • 1164 total dependents

Config::Any provides a facility for Perl applications and libraries to load configuration data from multiple different file formats. It supports XML, YAML, JSON, Apache-style configuration, Windows INI files, and even Perl code. The rationale for thi...

HAARG/Config-Any-0.32 - 23 Apr 2017 21:53:11 UTC

Config::App - Cascading merged application configuration River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

The intent of this module is to provide an all-purpose enviornment setup helper and configuration fetcher that allows configuration files to include other files and "cascade" or merge bits of these files into the "active" configuration based on serve...

GRYPHON/Config-App-1.13 - 10 Jan 2021 22:08:18 UTC

Config::YAML - Simple configuration automation River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

MDXI/Config-YAML-1.42 - 25 Sep 2005 17:00:24 UTC

Config::Cmd - Command line to config file two way interface River stage zero No dependents

This module makes it easy to take a set of command line options, store them into a config file, and read them later in for passing to an external program. Part of this distribution is a command line program configcmd for writing these options into a ...

HEIKKI/Config-Cmd-0.002 - 01 Jan 2013 09:21:18 UTC

Beam::Wire - Lightweight Dependency Injection Container River stage two • 9 direct dependents • 18 total dependents

Beam::Wire is a configuration module and a dependency injection container. In addition to complex data structures, Beam::Wire configures and creates plain old Perl objects. A dependency injection (DI) container creates an inversion of control: Instea...

PREACTION/Beam-Wire-1.023 - 23 Mar 2019 21:20:29 UTC

Rex::Config - Handles Rex configuration River stage two • 14 direct dependents • 14 total dependents

This module holds all configuration options for Rex, and also allows you to specify your own ones for your modules. Please take a look at Rex::Commands first, which provides convenience wrappers for many of these options. While it's possible to use t...

FERKI/Rex-1.13.3 - 05 Mar 2021 19:54:20 UTC

Config::Std - Load and save configuration files in a standard format River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This module implements yet another damn configuration-file system. The configuration language is deliberately simple and limited, and the module works hard to preserve as much information (section order, comments, etc.) as possible when a configurati...

BRICKER/Config-Std-0.903 - 07 Oct 2017 02:48:11 UTC

Config::Auto - Magical config file parser River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 18 total dependents

This module was written after having to write Yet Another Config File Parser for some variety of colon-separated config. I decided "never again". Config::Auto aims to be the most "DWIM" config parser available, by detecting configuration styles, incl...

BINGOS/Config-Auto-0.44 - 01 Mar 2014 23:32:57 UTC

Config::JSON - A JSON based config file system. River stage two • 9 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

This package parses the config files written in JSON. It also does some non-JSON stuff, like allowing for comments in the files. If you want to see it in action, it is used as the config file system in WebGUI <>. Why? Why build ...

RIZEN/Config-JSON-1.5202 - 25 Dec 2014 23:07:43 UTC

YATG::Config - Configuration management for YATG River stage zero No dependents

OLIVER/YATG-5.20002 - 13 Nov 2015 16:56:57 UTC

Crane::Config - Configuration manager River stage zero No dependents

Configuration manager which operates with YAML configurations. Settings are available as a hash reference returned by config function. You can specify default configuration and filename by passing it to config function when first call (see descriptio...

TEMOON/Crane-1.03.0011 - 04 Mar 2014 12:28:26 UTC

Arepa::Config - Arepa package database API River stage zero No dependents

This class allows easy access to the Arepa configuration. The configuration is divided in two parts: the basic configuration (a single YAML file) and the configuration for the builders (a YAML file for each builder). Typically you would pass a single...

OPERA/Arepa-0.93 - 30 May 2013 12:03:45 UTC

Config::Onion - Layered configuration, because configs are like ogres River stage two • 3 direct dependents • 98 total dependents

All too often, configuration is not a universal or one-time thing, yet most configuration-handling treats it as such. Perhaps you can only load one config file. If you can load more than one, you often have to load all of them at the same time or eac...

DSHEROH/Config-Onion-1.007 - 13 Oct 2016 10:12:59 UTC

Config::Multi - load multiple config files. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module load multiple config files using Config::Any. You can specify directory and put into your config files! I create this module because I want to load not only loading multiple config files but also switch config files depend on interface I ...

TARO/Config-Multi-0.12 - 09 Mar 2013 15:17:58 UTC

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