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Conjury::Stage - Perl Conjury staging areas River stage zero No dependents

The Conjury::Stage module defines the object class used to model a staging area for intermediate constructions. A stage contains a journal object and methods for creating new subdirectories in the staging area. The "find_stage" function is also defin...

JWOODYATT/conjury-1.004 - 01 May 2001 06:11:27 UTC

Conjury::Core - the foundation of Perl Conjury River stage zero No dependents

The Conjury::Core module is the foundation of the Perl Conjury software construction framework. You need to understand this module before you design other Perl Conjury modules, especially application-specific ones referenced in your files....

JWOODYATT/Conjury-Core-1.003 - 20 Apr 2000 23:09:34 UTC
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