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Crypt::OpenSSL::Random - OpenSSL/LibreSSL pseudo-random number generator access River stage two • 9 direct dependents • 87 total dependents

"Crypt::OpenSSL::Random" provides the ability to seed and query the OpenSSL and LibreSSL library's pseudo-random number generators. Note: On LibreSSL "random_egd()" is not defined. EXPORT None by default....

RURBAN/Crypt-OpenSSL-Random-0.15 - 22 Apr 2018 12:18:30 UTC

Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::openssl - Get random bytes from the OpenSSL command line utility River stage zero No dependents

This is a weak random byte source because "openssl rand" is a PRNG. This is a subclass of Crypt::Random::Source::Base::Proc. Due to the retarded nature of the rand command line utility's interface, it must repeatedly be invoked with "default_chunk_si...

ETHER/Crypt-Random-Source-Weak-openssl-0.03 - 19 Jan 2019 02:51:22 UTC

Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::OpenSSLRand - Use OpenSSL::Rand as a Crypt::Random::Source River stage zero No dependents

This module is a Crypt::Random::Source plugin that provides OpenSSL::Rand support....

NUFFIN/Crypt-Random-Source-Weak-OpenSSLRand-0.01 - 17 Jun 2008 03:38:46 UTC

Crypt::SSLeay - OpenSSL support for LWP River stage three • 89 direct dependents • 123 total dependents

This Perl module provides support for the HTTPS protocol under LWP, to allow an LWP::UserAgent object to perform GET, HEAD, and POST requests over encrypted socket connections. Please see LWP for more information on POST requests. The "Crypt::SSLeay"...

NANIS/Crypt-SSLeay-0.72 - 24 Apr 2014 15:45:06 UTC

Crypt::CBC - Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode River stage three • 72 direct dependents • 142 total dependents

This module is a Perl-only implementation of the cryptographic cipher block chaining mode (CBC). In combination with a block cipher such as AES or Blowfish, you can encrypt and decrypt messages of arbitrarily long length. The encrypted messages are c...

LDS/Crypt-CBC-3.04 - 17 May 2021 15:03:53 UTC

Crypt::Perl - Cryptography in pure Perl River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Just as it sounds: cryptography with no non-core XS dependencies! This is useful if you don’t have access to other tools that do this work like OpenSSL <>, CryptX, etc. Of course, if you do have access to one of those tools, they ma...

FELIPE/Crypt-Perl-0.38 - 17 Oct 2022 15:04:13 UTC

Crypt::RSA - RSA public-key cryptosystem. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Crypt::RSA is a pure-perl, cleanroom implementation of the RSA public-key cryptosystem. It uses Math::Pari(3), a perl interface to the blazingly fast PARI library, for big integer arithmetic and number theoretic computations. Crypt::RSA provides arbi...

VIPUL/Crypt-RSA-1.99 - 07 Jun 2009 01:41:21 UTC

Crypt::Util - A lightweight Crypt/Digest convenience API River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides an easy, intuitive and forgiving API for wielding crypto-fu. The API is designed as a cascade, with rich features built using simpler ones. this means that the option processing is uniform throughout, and the behaviors are genera...

NUFFIN/Crypt-Util-0.11 - 27 May 2010 09:58:24 UTC

Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA - RSA encoding and decoding, using the openSSL libraries River stage two • 51 direct dependents • 80 total dependents

"Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA" provides the ability to RSA encrypt strings which are somewhat shorter than the block size of a key. It also allows for decryption, signatures and signature verification. *NOTE*: Many of the methods in this package can croak, so...

TODDR/Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA-0.33 - 08 Jul 2022 11:25:11 UTC

Crypt::PK::DH - Public key cryptography based on Diffie-Hellman River stage three • 62 direct dependents • 246 total dependents

MIK/CryptX-0.080 - 04 Oct 2023 11:07:16 UTC

Crypt::PK::DSA - Public key cryptography based on DSA River stage three • 62 direct dependents • 246 total dependents

MIK/CryptX-0.080 - 04 Oct 2023 11:07:16 UTC

Crypt::PK::RSA - Public key cryptography based on RSA River stage three • 62 direct dependents • 246 total dependents

The module provides a full featured RSA implementation....

MIK/CryptX-0.080 - 04 Oct 2023 11:07:16 UTC

Crypt::PK::ECC - Public key cryptography based on EC River stage three • 62 direct dependents • 246 total dependents

The module provides a set of core ECC functions as well as implementation of ECDSA and ECDH. Supports elliptic curves "y^2 = x^3 + a*x + b" over prime fields "Fp = Z/pZ" (binary fields not supported)....

MIK/CryptX-0.080 - 04 Oct 2023 11:07:16 UTC

Crypt::DSA::GMP - DSA Signatures and Key Generation River stage zero No dependents

Crypt::DSA::GMP is an implementation of the DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) signature verification system. The implementation itself is pure Perl, with mathematics support from Math::BigInt::GMP and Math::Prime::Util::GMP. This package provides DSA...

DANAJ/Crypt-DSA-GMP-0.02 - 08 Oct 2013 14:47:16 UTC

Crypt::ScryptKDF - Scrypt password based key derivation function River stage two • 6 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

Scrypt is a password-based key derivation function (like for example PBKDF2). Scrypt was designed to be "memory-hard" algorithm in order to make it expensive to perform large scale custom hardware attacks. It can be used for: * deriving cryptographic...

MIK/Crypt-ScryptKDF-0.010 - 28 Nov 2015 11:38:21 UTC

Crypt::FileHandle - encrypted FileHandle River stage zero No dependents

This package creates a tied FileHandle that automatically encrypts or decrypts data using the provided cipher. The FileHandle returned from new() can be treated like a normal FileHandle. All encrypting, decrypting, and buffering is completely transpa...

PHILBURT/Crypt-FileHandle-0.03 - 10 Feb 2018 05:13:27 UTC

Crypt::Random::Seed - Simple method to get strong randomness River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 82 total dependents

A simple mechanism to get strong randomness. The main purpose of this module is to provide a simple way to generate a seed for a PRNG such as Math::Random::ISAAC, for use in cryptographic key generation, or as the seed for an upstream module such as ...

DANAJ/Crypt-Random-Seed-0.03 - 16 Feb 2013 17:38:52 UTC

Crypt::OpenSSL::AES - A Perl wrapper around OpenSSL's AES library River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

This module implements a wrapper around OpenSSL. Specifically, it wraps the methods related to the US Government's Advanced Encryption Standard (the Rijndael algorithm). The original version supports only AES ECB (electronic codebook mode encryption)...

TIMLEGGE/Crypt-OpenSSL-AES-0.19 - 10 Nov 2023 22:52:38 UTC

Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum - OpenSSL's multiprecision integer arithmetic River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 22 total dependents

Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum provides access to OpenSSL multiprecision integer arithmetic libraries. Presently, many though not all of the arithmetic operations that OpenSSL provides are exposed to perl. In addition, this module can be used to provide acce...

KMX/Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum-0.09 - 01 Dec 2017 19:14:20 UTC

Crypt::DSA::GMP::KeyChain - DSA key generation system River stage zero No dependents

Crypt::DSA::GMP::KeyChain is a lower-level interface to key generation than the "keygen" in Crypt::DSA::GMP method. It allows you to separately generate the *p*, *q*, and *g* key parameters, given an optional starting seed, bit sizes for *p* and *q*,...

DANAJ/Crypt-DSA-GMP-0.02 - 08 Oct 2013 14:47:16 UTC
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