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DBIx::Class::ResultSet::Data::Pageset - Get a Data::Pageset pager from a resultset River stage zero No dependents

This is a simple way to allow you to get a Data::Pageset object for paging rather than the standard Data::Page object....

BRICAS/DBIx-Class-ResultSet-Data-Pageset-0.06 - 19 Nov 2009 14:55:06 UTC

DBIx::MoCo::Pageset - A flexible pager utility for DBIx::MoCo using Data::Pageset River stage zero No dependents

"DBIx::MoCo::Pageset" is pager class for "DBIx::MoCo" using <Data::Pageset>. This module referred to <Class::DBI::Pageset> and made it....

MATSUMOTO/DBIx-MoCo-Pageset-0.01 - 25 Apr 2009 12:18:27 UTC
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