DBIx::OracleSequence - interface to Oracle sequences via DBI. River stage zero No dependents

DBIx::OracleSequence is an object oriented interface to Oracle Sequences via DBI. A sequence is an Oracle database object from which multiple users may generate unique integers. You might use sequences to automatically generate primary key values. Se...

BLABES/DBIx-OracleSequence-0.04 - 12 Aug 2002 21:22:12 UTC

DBIx::MySQLSequence - Proper and correct (emulated) sequence support for MySQL River stage zero No dependents

The "DBIx::MySQLSequence" package implements an emulation layer that provides "real" sequences on MySQL. The module works by creating a "sequence table", a single table where each record represents a single sequence, and performing some "magic" MySQL...

ADAMK/DBIx-MySQLSequence-1.04 - 11 Dec 2007 04:53:59 UTC
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