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Data::Pageset - Page numbering and page sets River stage two • 16 direct dependents • 69 total dependents

The object produced by Data::Pageset can be used to create page navigation, it inherits from Data::Page and has access to all methods from this object. In addition it also provides methods for dealing with set of pages, so that if there are too many ...

LLAP/Data-Pageset-1.06 - 03 Jan 2010 17:46:08 UTC

Data::Page::Pageset - change long page list to be shorter and well navigate River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Pages number can be very high, and it is not comfortable to show user from the first page to the last page list. Sometimes we need split the page list into some sets to shorten the page list, the form is like: 1-6 7-12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19-24 25-30 3...

CHUNZI/Data-Page-Pageset-1.02 - 25 Dec 2004 06:30:50 UTC

Data::Pageset::Render - Subclass of Data::Pageset that generates html, text, etc. for page navigation River stage zero No dependents

"Data::Pageset::Render" inherits from "Data::Pageset" and adds the html method which renders a pager, complete with links, in html. The constructor take two additional optional configuration parameters, and all of "Data::Pageset"s methods continue to...

MGRIMES/Data-Pageset-Render-0.14 - 05 Jun 2009 20:59:29 UTC

Data::Pageset::Variable - Variable results on each page of results. River stage zero No dependents

Data::Pageset is A Great Module, and totally useful. This is a subclass that extends its behaviour. Data::Pageset returns an object with a set number of pages per set. The point of Data::Pageset::Variable is that you might not want this to be so. You...

STRYTOAST/Data-Pageset-Variable-0.03 - 21 Nov 2003 14:58:31 UTC

Data::Pageset::Exponential - Page numbering for very large page numbers River stage zero No dependents

This is a pager designed for paging through resultsets that contain hundreds if not thousands of pages. The interface is similar to Data::Pageset with sliding pagesets....

RRWO/Data-Pageset-Exponential-v0.3.2 - 25 Jan 2021 16:18:59 UTC

lib/Data/Page/Pageset/ River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

CHUNZI/Data-Page-Pageset-1.02 - 25 Dec 2004 06:30:50 UTC

DBIx::Class::ResultSet::Data::Pageset - Get a Data::Pageset pager from a resultset River stage zero No dependents

This is a simple way to allow you to get a Data::Pageset object for paging rather than the standard Data::Page object....

BRICAS/DBIx-Class-ResultSet-Data-Pageset-0.06 - 19 Nov 2009 14:55:06 UTC

Data::Page - help when paging through sets of results River stage three • 40 direct dependents • 165 total dependents

When searching through large amounts of data, it is often the case that a result set is returned that is larger than we want to display on one page. This results in wanting to page through various pages of data. The maths behind this is unfortunately...

ETHER/Data-Page-2.03 - 10 May 2019 03:07:27 UTC

Data::Paginated - paginate a list of data River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Data::Paginated is a thin wrapper around Data::Pageset which adds the extra functionality of being able to get all the entries from a list that are on a given page....

TMTM/Data-Paginated-1.01 - 06 Sep 2005 18:02:43 UTC

Data::Scroller River stage zero No dependents

Handle navigation of data over multiple pages in a 'rolling' pageset fashion, similar to that of google. An alternative to Data::Page by Leon Brocard ( written long before I'd heard of that :)...

BENH/Data-Scroller-1.00 - 26 Jul 2006 04:43:39 UTC

Data::Page::Set - Print page indexes River stage zero No dependents

Data::Page::Set->new( $page, $setsize, $showhash ); Arguments $page [Required] A Data::Page object. $setsize [Required] The size of the pageset: If you have a page object with 20 pages, but you only want to show << < 4 5 6 7 8 > >> Then setsize shoul...

BERIKV/Data-Page-Set-0.04 - 03 Oct 2005 13:09:17 UTC

Data::Paginator - Pagination with Moose River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

This is yet another pagination module. It only exists because none of the other pager modules are written using Moose. Sometimes there is a Moose feature – MooseX::Storage, in my case – that you need. It's a pain when you can't use it with an existin...

GPHAT/Data-Paginator-0.08 - 01 Nov 2014 03:59:00 UTC

Data::Page::Viewport - Scroll thru data a page, or just an item, at a time River stage zero No dependents

"Data::Page::Viewport" is a pure Perl module. This module keeps track of what items are on the 'current' page, when you scroll forwards or backwards within a data set. Similarly to Data::Page, you can call "sub offset(N)", for + or - N, to scroll thr...

RSAVAGE/Data-Page-Viewport-1.06 - 31 Aug 2010 07:25:31 UTC

Data::SimplePaginator - data pagination without assumptions (I think) River stage zero No dependents

This module helps me create pagination without a lot of fuss. I looked at other pagination modules (see also, below) and their interfaces were cumbersome for me. This module will NOT... Keep track of the current page for you Screw with your CGI or ot...

JBUHACOFF/Data-SimplePaginator-0.5 - 14 Sep 2008 05:39:26 UTC
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