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Data::Pivot - Perl module to pivot a table River stage zero No dependents

With Data::Pivot you can pivot a table like this: Some Fix Columns Pivot_Col Num_Values aaa bbb ccc 01 12.20 aaa bbb ccc 02 134.50 aaa bbb ccc 03 1.25 xxx yyy zzz 02 22.22 xxx yyy zzz 03 111.11 Will be converted to: Some Fix Columns 01 02 03 Sum aaa ...

BDULFER/Data-Pivot-0.05 - 19 Nov 2004 20:01:17 UTC

Data::Downloader::MetadataPivot River stage zero No dependents

Represents a database view whose columns are the possible types of metadata....

BDUGGAN/Data-Downloader-0.9907 - 24 Nov 2012 13:27:42 UTC

Data::Xtab - Pivot (cross-tabulate) a table of data. River stage zero No dependents

This module allows you to feed it tables of data to be pivoted in such a way that they can be easily used in a report or graph. Here is an example of input data: 'A', 'JUN', 7 'A', 'JAN', 4 'B', 'JAN', 3 'B', 'FEB', 39 'C', 'MAY', 8 'A', 'JUN', 100 T...

BJEPS/Data-Xtab-1.01 - 26 Jun 1998 14:56:41 UTC

Data::Pivoter - Perl extension for pivot / cross tabulation of data River stage zero No dependents

A pivot object is created using new. Various parameters may be specified to alter how the table is pivoted. The actual pivot of a table is perfomed using the method pivot....

MSICKEL/Data-Pivoter-0.08 - 19 Aug 2002 20:07:39 UTC

Data::Table - Data type related to database tables, spreadsheets, CSV/TSV files, HTML table displays, etc. River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

Field Summary data refto_arrayof_refto_array contains a two-dimensional spreadsheet data. header refto_array contains all column names. type 0/1 0 is row-based, 1 is column-based, describe the orientation of @$data. Package Variables $Data::Table::VE...

EZDB/Data-Table-1.78 - 11 Feb 2020 16:57:38 UTC

Data::TableAutoSum - Table that calculates the results of rows and cols automatic River stage zero No dependents

This module represents a table with automatic calculation of the row/column sums. FUNCTIONS new(rows => $nr_of_rows || \@rows, cols => $nr_of_cols || \@cols) Creates a new, zero filled table. You can define the rows or cols with a ref to an array of ...

BIGJ/Data-TableAutoSum-0.11 - 06 May 2020 08:19:39 UTC
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