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Data::Report::Base - Base class for reporter plugins River stage zero No dependents

JV/Data-Report-1.001 - 09 Feb 2020 19:53:30 UTC

Data::Keys - get/set key+value extensible manipulations, base module for Data::Keys::E::* River stage zero No dependents

Data::Keys is just a base class module that purpose is to allow loading extensions in "Data::Keys::E::*" namespace....

JKUTEJ/Data-Keys-0.04 - 27 Nov 2016 10:26:50 UTC

Data::Storage - Base class for storages River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

MARCEL/Data-Storage-1.102720 - 29 Sep 2010 12:24:18 UTC

Data::Sah - Fast and featureful data structure validation River stage three • 333 direct dependents • 581 total dependents

This distribution, "Data-Sah", implements compilers for producing Perl and JavaScript validators, as well as translatable human description text from Sah schemas. Compiler approach is used instead of interpreter for faster speed. The generated valida...

PERLANCAR/Data-Sah-0.913 - 30 Sep 2022 12:21:33 UTC

Data::OFAC - A Perl interface to the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) River stage zero No dependents

From OFAC's Website: As part of its enforcement efforts, OFAC publishes a list of individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries. It also lists individuals, groups, and entities, such as terrorists...

THARDISON/Data-OFAC-0.80 - 15 Sep 2014 14:29:47 UTC

Data::Dict - Hash-based dictionary object River stage zero No dependents

Data::Dict is a hash-based container for dictionaries, with heavy inspiration from Mojo::Collection. Unless otherwise noted, all methods iterate through keys and values in default keys order, which is random but consistent until the hash is modified....

DBOOK/Data-Dict-0.003 - 19 Nov 2018 04:12:12 UTC

Data::Report - Framework for flexible reporting River stage zero No dependents

Data::Report is a flexible, plugin-driven reporting framework. It makes it easy to define reports that can be produced in text, HTML and CSV. Textual ornaments like extra empty lines, dashed lines, and cell lines can be added in a way similar to HTML...

JV/Data-Report-1.001 - 09 Feb 2020 19:53:30 UTC

Data::CTable - Read, write, manipulate tabular data River stage zero No dependents

CHTHORMAN/Data-CTable-1.01 - 17 Sep 2002 15:11:05 UTC

Data::Decycle - (Cyclic|Circular) reference decycler River stage zero No dependents

Perl programmers love to hate cyclic References, or circular references. It easly leaks out of perl's reference-counter based garbage collection and stays there until perl exits. Even with the introduction of weak references in Perl 5.8, you still ha...

DANKOGAI/Data-Decycle-0.02 - 23 Aug 2010 09:14:04 UTC

Bitmask::Data - Handle unlimited length bitmasks in an easy and flexible way River stage zero No dependents

This package helps you dealing with bitmasks. First you need to subclass Bitmask::Data and set the bitmask values and length. (If you are only working with a single bitmask in a simple application you might also initialize the bitmask directly in the...

MAROS/Bitmask-Data-2.05 - 24 Sep 2017 10:24:58 UTC

Data::Container - Base class for objects containing a list of items River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This class implements a container object. The container can contain any object, scalar or reference you like. Typically you would subclass Data::Container and implement custom methods for your specific container. When the container is stringified, it...

MARCEL/Data-Container-1.100840 - 25 Mar 2010 21:01:54 UTC

Data::Semantic - Common API for data with semantics attached to them River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

There are various distributions on CPAN dealing with data that has semantics attached them. For example, an IP address is not just a string, but it has a format the can be checked. There is Data::Domain. It does not store the values to be tested, it ...

MARCEL/Data-Semantic-1.101620 - 11 Jun 2010 07:36:23 UTC

Data::Consumer - Repeatedly consume a data resource in a robust way River stage zero No dependents

It is a common requirement to need to process a feed of items of some sort in a robust manner. Such a feed might be records that are inserted into a table, or files dropped in a delivery directory. Writing a script that handles all the edge cases, li...

YVES/Data-Consumer-0.17 - 01 Nov 2017 19:58:13 UTC

Data::Inherited - Hierarchy-wide accumulation of list and hash results River stage two • 10 direct dependents • 35 total dependents

This is a mixin class. By inheriting from it you get two methods that are able to accumulate hierarchy-wide list and hash results....

MARCEL/Data-Inherited-1.100860 - 27 Mar 2010 09:50:44 UTC

Data::ResultSet - Container for aggregating and examining multiple results River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Data::ResultSet is a container object for aggregating and examining multiple results. It allows multiple result objects matching the same method signature to be returned as a single object that can then be queried for success or failure in a number o...

DSKOLL/Data-ResultSet-1.002 - 06 Jul 2022 13:40:07 UTC

Data::Hexdumper - Make binary data human-readable River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

"Data::Hexdumper" provides a simple way to format arbitrary binary data into a nice human-readable format, somewhat similar to the Unix 'hexdump' utility. It gives the programmer a considerable degree of flexibility in how the data is formatted, with...

DCANTRELL/Data-Hexdumper-3.0001 - 29 May 2012 21:00:30 UTC

Data::ModeMerge - Merge two nested data structures, with merging modes and options River stage three • 4 direct dependents • 589 total dependents

There are already several modules on CPAN to do recursive data structure merging, like Data::Merger and Hash::Merge. "Data::ModeMerge" differs in that it offers merging "modes" and "options". It provides greater flexibility on what the result of a me...

PERLANCAR/Data-ModeMerge-0.360 - 15 Aug 2021 11:44:11 UTC

Statistics::Data - Load, access, update one or more data lists for statistical analysis River stage two • 10 direct dependents • 16 total dependents

Handles data for some other statistics modules, as in loading, updating and retrieving data for analysis. Performs no actual statistical analysis itself. Rationale is not wanting to write the same or similar load, add, etc. methods for every statisti...

RGARTON/Statistics-Data-0.11 - 29 Jan 2017 03:00:26 UTC

Data::Serializer - Modules that serialize data structures River stage two • 41 direct dependents • 86 total dependents

Provides a unified interface to the various serializing modules currently available. Adds the functionality of both compression and encryption. By default Data::Serializer(3) adds minor metadata and encodes serialized data structures in it's own form...

NEELY/Data-Serializer-0.65 - 01 Feb 2020 16:51:08 UTC

Data::Classifier - A tool for classifying data with regular expressions River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

TRIDDLE/Data-Classifier-0.01 - 02 Sep 2007 02:38:14 UTC
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