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Data::Sorting - Multi-key sort using function results River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides several public functions with different calling interfaces that all use the same underlying sorting mechanisms. These functions may be imported individually or in groups using the following tags: :basics sorted_by(), sort_functio...

EVO/Data-Sorting-0.9 - 25 May 2003 20:25:17 UTC

MMapDB - a simple database in shared memory River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

"MMapDB" implements a database similar to a hash of hashes of hashes, ..., of arrays of data. It's main design goals were: * very fast read access * lock-free read access for massive parallelism * minimal memory consumption per accessing process * tr...

OPI/MMapDB-0.15 - 10 Sep 2012 10:40:17 UTC

Data::Dmp - Dump Perl data structures as Perl code River stage three • 90 direct dependents • 920 total dependents

Data::Dmp is a Perl dumper like Data::Dumper. It's compact (only about 200 lines of code long), starts fast and does not use any non-core modules except Regexp::Stringify when dumping regexes. It produces compact single-line output (similar to Data::...

PERLANCAR/Data-Dmp-0.242 - 28 Aug 2022 13:59:36 UTC

Data::Tab - Iterators as tabular data structures River stage zero No dependents

MICHAEL/Data-Tab-0.02 - 13 Sep 2014 10:58:11 UTC

Data::Iter - easily iterate over a hash/array River stage zero No dependents

Data::Iter provides functions for comfortably iterating over perl data structures. Its slower, but easier to code. An array containing object elements for every iteration is generated with the iter() function - due to array'ish nature of for(), forea...

MUENALAN/Data-Iter-0.2 - 31 Dec 2009 13:50:16 UTC

Data::Freq - Collects data, counts frequency, and makes up a multi-level counting report River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

"Data::Freq" is an object-oriented module to collect data from log files or any kind of data sources, count frequency of particular patterns, and generate a counting report. See also the command-line tool data-freq. The simplest usage is to count lin...

MAHIRO/Data-Freq-0.05 - 22 Jul 2014 16:37:17 UTC

Data::XHash - Extended, ordered hash (commonly known as an associative array or map) with key-path traversal and automatic index keys River stage zero No dependents

Data::XHash provides an object-oriented interface to tied, ordered hashes. Hash elements may be assigned keys explicitly or automatically in mix-and-match fashion like arrays in PHP. It also includes support for trees of nested XHashes, tree traversa...

BKATZUNG/Data-XHash-0.09 - 27 Sep 2012 13:01:35 UTC

Data::Table - Data type related to database tables, spreadsheets, CSV/TSV files, HTML table displays, etc. River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

Field Summary data refto_arrayof_refto_array contains a two-dimensional spreadsheet data. header refto_array contains all column names. type 0/1 0 is row-based, 1 is column-based, describe the orientation of @$data. Package Variables $Data::Table::VE...

EZDB/Data-Table-1.78 - 11 Feb 2020 16:57:38 UTC

Data::Float - details of the floating point data type River stage two • 9 direct dependents • 63 total dependents

This module is about the native floating point numerical data type. A floating point number is one of the types of datum that can appear in the numeric part of a Perl scalar. This module supplies constants describing the native floating point type, c...

ZEFRAM/Data-Float-0.013 - 29 Jul 2017 19:40:41 UTC

Data::Direct - Perl module to emulate seqeuntial access to SQL tables. River stage zero No dependents

Data::Direct selects rows from a table and lets you updated them in a memory array. Upon calling the flush method, it erases the records from the table and inserts them from the array. You can supply a WHERE filter to be applied both on query and on ...

SCHOP/Data-Direct-0.05 - 01 Aug 2000 12:02:19 UTC

Data::CTable - Read, write, manipulate tabular data River stage zero No dependents

CHTHORMAN/Data-CTable-1.01 - 17 Sep 2002 15:11:05 UTC

Data::Dumper - stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and eval River stage five • 1586 direct dependents • 32646 total dependents

Given a list of scalars or reference variables, writes out their contents in perl syntax. The references can also be objects. The content of each variable is output in a single Perl statement. Handles self-referential structures correctly. The return...

NWCLARK/Data-Dumper-2.183 - 05 Jul 2021 07:07:44 UTC

Data::Pivoter - Perl extension for pivot / cross tabulation of data River stage zero No dependents

A pivot object is created using new. Various parameters may be specified to alter how the table is pivoted. The actual pivot of a table is perfomed using the method pivot....

MSICKEL/Data-Pivoter-0.08 - 19 Aug 2002 20:07:39 UTC

Data::Presenter - Reformat database reports River stage zero No dependents

Data::Presenter is an object-oriented module useful for the reformatting of already formatted text files such as reports generated by database programs. If the data can be represented by a row-column matrix, where for each data entry (row): * there a...

JKEENAN/Data-Presenter-1.03 - 11 Feb 2008 00:45:33 UTC

Data::Favorites - tally a data stream to find recently dominant items River stage zero No dependents

After creating a Data::Favorites object, the caller should tally the identifying characteristics of an ongoing historical data stream. This could be error codes or connecting hostnames in a network log, usernames in a chat conversation, or any other ...

HALLEY/Data-Favorites-1 - 31 Mar 2003 01:55:38 UTC

Data::Graph::Util - Utilities related to graph data structure River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

Early release. More functions will be added later. Keywords: topological ordering, dependency sorting, dependency ordering....

PERLANCAR/Data-Graph-Util-0.006 - 14 Feb 2019 17:35:03 UTC

Data::MessagePack - MessagePack serializing/deserializing River stage two • 25 direct dependents • 33 total dependents

This module converts Perl data structures to MessagePack and vice versa....

SYOHEX/Data-MessagePack-1.02 - 11 Mar 2022 14:29:10 UTC

Data::Stream::Bulk - N at a time iteration API River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 59 total dependents

This module tries to find middle ground between one at a time and all at once processing of data sets. The purpose of this module is to avoid the overhead of implementing an iterative api when this isn't necessary, without breaking forward compatibil...

DOY/Data-Stream-Bulk-0.11 - 14 Feb 2012 03:21:55 UTC

Data::MuForm::Field - Base field package River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This is the base class for form fields. The 'type' of a field class is used in the MuForm field_list or has_field to identify which field class to load from the 'field_namespace' (or directly, when prefixed with '+'). If the type is not specified, it...

GSHANK/Data-MuForm-0.05 - 02 Jul 2018 20:31:54 UTC

Data::CloudWeights - Calculate values for an HTML tag cloud River stage zero No dependents

Each tag added to the cloud has a unique name to identify it, a count which represents the size of the tag and a value that is associated with the tag. The reference returned by "$cloud->formation()" is a list of hash refs, one hash ref per tag. In a...

PJFL/Data-CloudWeights-0.15.1 - 22 May 2015 08:16:33 UTC
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