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DateTime - A date and time object for Perl River stage four • 1142 direct dependents • 3637 total dependents

DateTime is a class for the representation of date/time combinations, and is part of the Perl DateTime project. It represents the Gregorian calendar, extended backwards in time before its creation (in 1582). This is sometimes known as the "proleptic ...

DROLSKY/DateTime-1.59 - 23 Oct 2022 22:51:17 UTC

Sybase::CTlib - Sybase Client Library API. River stage zero No dependents

Sybase::CTlib implements a subset of the Sybase Open Client Client Library API. For the most part the syntax is the same or very similar to the C language version, though in some cases the syntax varies a little to make the life of the perl programme...

MEWP/sybperl-2.20 - 15 Feb 2021 09:33:03 UTC

Sybase::DBlib - Sybase DB-Library API River stage zero No dependents

Sybase::DBlib implements a subset of the Sybase DB-Library API. In general the perl version of the DB-Library calls use the same syntax as the C language version. However, in some cases the syntax (and sometimes, meaning) of some calls has been modif...

MEWP/sybperl-2.20 - 15 Feb 2021 09:33:03 UTC

DateTime::Set - Datetime sets and set math River stage three • 25 direct dependents • 179 total dependents

DateTime::Set is a module for datetime sets. It can be used to handle two different types of sets. The first is a fixed set of predefined datetime objects. For example, if we wanted to create a set of datetimes containing the birthdays of people in o...

FGLOCK/DateTime-Set-0.3900 - 09 Oct 2016 07:52:54 UTC

DateTime::Tiny - A date object, with as little code as possible River stage two • 10 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

DateTime::Tiny is a most prominent member of the DateTime::Tiny suite of time modules. It implements an extremely lightweight object that represents a datetime. The Tiny Mandate Many CPAN modules which provide the best implementation of a certain con...

DAGOLDEN/DateTime-Tiny-1.07 - 22 Apr 2018 09:07:10 UTC

DateTime::HiRes - Create DateTime objects with sub-second current time resolution River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This module enables you to generate DateTime objects that represent the current time with sub-second resolution....

DROLSKY/DateTime-HiRes-0.04 - 26 Jul 2020 22:47:50 UTC

Types::DateTime - type constraints and coercions for datetime objects River stage two • 6 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

Types::DateTime is a type constraint library suitable for use with Moo/Moose attributes, Kavorka sub signatures, and so forth. Types This module provides some type constraints broadly compatible with those provided by MooseX::Types::DateTime, plus a ...

TOBYINK/Types-DateTime-0.002 - 19 Jun 2017 16:19:28 UTC

DateTime::Locale - Localization support for River stage four • 25 direct dependents • 3641 total dependents

DateTime::Locale is primarily a factory for the various locale subclasses. It also provides some functions for getting information on all the available locales. If you want to know what methods are available for locale objects, then please read the D...

DROLSKY/DateTime-Locale-1.37 - 23 Oct 2022 17:49:32 UTC

DateTime::Ordinal - The great new DateTime::Ordinal! River stage zero No dependents

LNATION/DateTime-Ordinal-0.04 - 21 May 2022 17:59:22 UTC

DateTime::LazyInit - DateTime objects with deferred validation DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND River stage zero No dependents

LazyInit is designed to quickly create objects that have the potential to become DateTime objects. It does this by accepting anything you pass to it as being a valid parameter and value for a DateTime object. Once a method is called that is beyond th...

RICKM/DateTime-LazyInit-1.0200 - 14 May 2006 04:11:38 UTC

DateTime::TimeZone - Time zone object base class and factory River stage four • 88 direct dependents • 3651 total dependents

This class is the base class for all time zone objects. A time zone is represented internally as a set of observances, each of which describes the offset from GMT for a given time period. Note that without the DateTime module, this module does not do...

DROLSKY/DateTime-TimeZone-2.56 - 29 Oct 2022 03:16:11 UTC

Rose::DateTime::Util - Some simple DateTime wrapper functions. River stage two • 5 direct dependents • 36 total dependents

Rose::DateTime::Util is a thin wrapper around DateTime that provides a very simple date parser and a few extra date formatting options....

JSIRACUSA/Rose-DateTime-0.540 - 08 Dec 2013 14:51:47 UTC

HTML::Menu::DateTime - Easily create popup menus for use with templates. River stage zero No dependents

Creates data structures suitable for populating HTML::Template, Template Toolkit or Template::Magic templates with dropdown date and time menus. Allows any number of dropdown menus to be displayed on a single page, each independantly configurable. Di...

CFRANKS/HTML-Menu-DateTime-1.00 - 03 Nov 2005 16:10:45 UTC

DateTime::Incomplete - An incomplete datetime, like January 5 River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 12 total dependents

DateTime::Incomplete is a class for representing partial dates and times. These are actually encountered relatively frequently. For example, a birthday is commonly given as a month and day, without a year....

FGLOCK/DateTime-Incomplete-0.08 - 10 Nov 2015 13:04:21 UTC

DateTime::Event::Random - DateTime extension for creating random datetimes. River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

This module provides convenience methods that let you easily create "DateTime::Set", "DateTime", or "DateTime::Duration" objects with random values....

FGLOCK/DateTime-Event-Random-0.03 - 17 Mar 2004 18:09:22 UTC

Data::Faker::DateTime - Data::Faker plugin River stage one • 8 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

WSHELDAHL/Data-Faker-0.10 - 25 Feb 2013 04:16:52 UTC

DateTime::Functions - Procedural interface to DateTime functions River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This module simply exports all class methods of DateTime into the caller's namespace....

NEILB/DateTime-Functions-0.13 - 03 Jul 2016 22:29:22 UTC

DateTime::Format::CLDR - Parse and format CLDR time patterns River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

This module provides a parser (and also a formater) for datetime strings using patterns as defined by the Unicode CLDR Project (Common Locale Data Repository). <>. CLDR format is supported by DateTime and DateTime::Locale star...

MAROS/DateTime-Format-CLDR-1.19 - 02 Jun 2017 21:03:50 UTC

MooseX::Types::DateTime - DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose River stage two • 31 direct dependents • 50 total dependents

This module packages several Moose::Util::TypeConstraints with coercions, designed to work with the DateTime suite of objects. Namespaced Example: use MooseX::Types::DateTime; has time_zone => ( isa => 'DateTime::TimeZone', is => "rw", coerce => 1, )...

ETHER/MooseX-Types-DateTime-0.13 - 04 Oct 2015 23:39:05 UTC

Lingua::ZH::DateTime - convert time to chinese format. River stage zero No dependents

This module can convert asctime to chinese format in your locale. you can select china singapore hongkong taiwan locale and gb2312/big5 charset. asctime is ASC C standard format will from "localtime" like this: $asctime = localtime();...

HOOWA/Lingua-ZH-DateTime-0.01 - 21 Feb 2006 03:00:25 UTC
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