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Db::Mediasurface - manipulates a Mediasurface database. River stage zero No dependents

Overview Db::Mediasurface is a wrapper for most other Db::Mediasurface:: modules. At present, only the new() and version() methods are supported. Constructor $ms = Db::Mediasurface->new( config=>$config_object ); $ms = Db::Mediasurface->new( config_f...

NWETTERS/Db-Mediasurface-0.03 - 03 Aug 2001 16:19:11 UTC

Db::Mediasurface::Cache - caches a specified number of key-value pairs, disgarding underused pairs. River stage zero No dependents

Overview Mediasurface relies on retrieving a unique ID for almost every object lookup. This module aims to cache url->id lookups in memory. The module allows commonly used key-value pairs to be stored towards the 'fresh' end of the store, and seldoml...

NWETTERS/Db-Mediasurface-Cache-0.04 - 03 Aug 2001 12:42:11 UTC

Db::Mediasurface::ReadConfig - reads, parses, and stores configuration from a Mediasurface file. River stage zero No dependents

Overview When supplied with a path to a Mediasurface configuration file (usually called, this module loads the configuration details into an object, which can be interrogated at a later time. Constructor $config = Db::Mediasurface::Rea...

NWETTERS/Db-Mediasurface-ReadConfig-0.01 - 03 Aug 2001 11:47:05 UTC
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