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lib/Event/ River stage two • 14 direct dependents • 24 total dependents

ETJ/Event-1.28 - 29 Apr 2021 18:14:31 UTC

MarpaX::ESLIF::Event::Type - ESLIF Event Types River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

ESLIF events are mapped to constants. This module is giving access to them....

JDDPAUSE/MarpaX-ESLIF-6.0.29 - 14 Jan 2023 16:31:10 UTC

lib/Email/Blaster/Event/ River stage zero No dependents

JOHND/Email-Blaster-1.0001 - 02 Dec 2008 01:16:19 UTC

SDL::Event - a SDL perl extension River stage zero No dependents

SDL::Event->new(); creates a SDL_Event structure, into which events may be stored. $event->type() This function returns the event type which will be one of the values: SDL_ACTIVEEVENT, SDL_KEYDOWN, SDL_KEYUP, SDL_MOUSEMOTION, SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN, SDL...

WKEENAN/SDL-sdlpl-1.08 - 22 Aug 2000 19:25:17 UTC

Event::Lib - Perl extentions for event-based programming River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module is a Perl wrapper around libevent(3) as available from <>. It allows to execute a function whenever a given event on a filehandle happens, a timeout occurs or a signal is received. Under the hood, on...

VPARSEVAL/Event-Lib-1.03 - 29 Jul 2007 11:39:08 UTC

PApp::Event - catch/broadcast various events River stage zero No dependents

This module allows you to broadcast asynchroneous events to all other papp applications. Why is this useful? A common scenario is this: Often you want to implement some internal data caching. PApp itself caches it's translation files, content managem...

MLEHMANN/PApp-2.3 - 02 Aug 2023 22:30:09 UTC

Coro::Event - do events the coro-way, with Event River stage two • 53 direct dependents • 69 total dependents

This module enables you to create programs using the powerful Event model (and module), while retaining the linear style known from simple or threaded programs. This module provides a method and a function for every watcher type (*flavour*) (see Even...

MLEHMANN/Coro-6.57 - 29 Jul 2020 13:10:08 UTC

Mpp::Event - event loop for makepp River stage zero No dependents

Mpp::Event provides a way of multi-threading Perl code without actually using any of the thread extensions. It relies on Perl closures instead. So it's a little harder to write event-driven code than it would be if your code were threaded, but not mu...

PFEIFFER/makepp- - 09 Nov 2017 09:32:03 UTC

MIDI::XML - Module for representing MIDI-XML objects. River stage zero No dependents

EXPORT None by default....

BMAMES/MIDI-XML-0.03 - 07 Jul 2008 04:58:19 UTC

SDL2::events - SDL Event Handling River stage zero No dependents

SDL2::events represents the library's version as three levels: major, minor, and patch level....

SANKO/SDL2-FFI-0.08 - 29 Nov 2021 02:01:01 UTC

Test2::Event - Base class for events River stage five • 22891 direct dependents • 32646 total dependents

Base class for all event objects that get passed through Test2....

EXODIST/Test-Simple-1.302195 - 28 Apr 2023 12:57:53 UTC

Prima::VB::Classes - Visual Builder widgets and types River stage two • 17 direct dependents • 19 total dependents

Visual Builder is designed without a prior knowledge of the widget classes that would be contained in its widget palette. Instead, it provides a registration interface for new widgets and their specific properties. This document describes API, provid...

KARASIK/Prima-1.70 - 03 Sep 2023 18:48:30 UTC

Test2::Event::Ok - Ok event type River stage five • 22891 direct dependents • 32646 total dependents

Ok events are generated whenever you run a test that produces a result. Examples are "ok()", and "is()"....

EXODIST/Test-Simple-1.302195 - 28 Apr 2023 12:57:53 UTC

Mozilla::DOM - Perl wrapping of the Mozilla/Gecko DOM River stage two • 3 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

SLANNING/Mozilla-DOM-0.23 - 03 Nov 2009 22:10:03 UTC

Tickit::Event - event information structures River stage two • 35 direct dependents • 41 total dependents

When event handlers bound to Tickit::Term or Tickit::Window instances are invoked they receive an object instance to contain information about the event. Details of the event can be accessed as via accessor methods on these instances....

PEVANS/Tickit-0.74 - 04 Sep 2023 17:09:00 UTC

LibYAML::FFI - FFI binding for C libyaml River stage zero No dependents

This is a Proof of Concept for now. It uses FFI::Platypus to provide a wrapper around the C library libyaml. For now it can only parse, not emit. Libyaml sources are included for now, I would like to use Alien::LibYAML in the future. For loading a da...

TINITA/LibYAML-FFI-v0.0.1 - 15 Jul 2023 20:07:47 UTC

Config::Crontab - Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab(5) files River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Config::Crontab provides an object-oriented interface to Vixie-style crontab(5) files for Perl. A Config::Crontab object allows you to manipulate an ordered set of Event, Env, or Comment objects (also included with this package). Descriptions of thes...

SCOTTW/Config-Crontab-1.45 - 20 Apr 2017 16:28:02 UTC

Mail::MsgStore - Complete mail client back end. River stage zero No dependents

The primary goal of this module is ease of use. The Mail::Folder module, on top of not quite being complete yet, is a pretty low-level API. I was very impressed with how Win32::TieRegistry simplified an otherwise complex task, and decided to adopt a ...

FIVE/Mail-MsgStore-1.51 - 07 Jun 2000 16:56:12 UTC

Linux::Fanotify - Perl interface to the Linux fanotify API River stage zero No dependents

The fanotify API is a filesystem monitoring interface in the Linux kernel. It is intended to be used by file scanners such as virus and malware scanners or file indexers. fanotify has been part of the Linux kernel since 2.6.37 (but needs to be enable...

BASTIAN/Linux-Fanotify-1.2.0 - 20 May 2021 09:13:08 UTC

Event::ExecFlow - High level API for event-based execution flow control River stage zero No dependents

Event::ExecFlow offers a high level API to declare jobs, which mainly execute external commands, parse their output to get progress or other status information, triggers actions when the command has been finished etc. Such jobs can be chained togethe...

JRED/Event-ExecFlow-0.64 - 05 Jan 2010 20:29:46 UTC
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