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lib/Event/ River stage two • 14 direct dependents • 24 total dependents

ETJ/Event-1.28 - 29 Apr 2021 18:14:31 UTC

Event::ExecFlow::Job::Command - External command for async execution River stage zero No dependents

Use this module for asynchronous execution of an external command with Event::ExecFlow....

JRED/Event-ExecFlow-0.64 - 05 Jan 2010 20:29:46 UTC

Config::Crontab - Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab(5) files River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Config::Crontab provides an object-oriented interface to Vixie-style crontab(5) files for Perl. A Config::Crontab object allows you to manipulate an ordered set of Event, Env, or Comment objects (also included with this package). Descriptions of thes...

SCOTTW/Config-Crontab-1.45 - 20 Apr 2017 16:28:02 UTC

Event::File::tail - 'an tail [CB]<-f>' implementation using Event River stage zero No dependents

Event::FileTail is an attempt to reproduce the behaviour of the 'tail -f' using Event as the backend. The main difference between this module and other modules that tries to implement it is that it leaves room for parallel processing using Event....

RSD/Event-File-0.1.1 - 15 Oct 2001 18:06:20 UTC

Event::RPC::Logger - Logging facility for Event::RPC River stage zero No dependents

This modules implements a simple logging facility for the Event::RPC framework. Log messages may be written to a specific file and/or a bunch of filehandles, which may be sockets as well....

JRED/Event-RPC-1.10 - 27 Jun 2018 19:34:26 UTC
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