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Exporter::Dispatch River stage zero No dependents

Dispatch tables are great and convienient, but sometimes can be a bit of a pain to write. You have references flying over here and closures flying over there; yuck! Thats much too complicated for so simple of an idea. Wouldn't it be great if you coul...

JRYAN/Exporter-Dispatch-2.10 - 09 Jul 2004 21:02:05 UTC

Exporter::Proxy - Simplified symbol export & proxy dispatch. River stage zero No dependents

This installs 'import' and 'exports' subroutines into the callers namespace. The 'import' does the usual deed: exporting symbols by name; 'exports' simplifies introspection by listing the exported symbols (useful for testing). The optional "dispather...

LEMBARK/Exporter-Proxy-1.008002 - 13 Apr 2018 18:22:05 UTC
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