Exporter::Heavy - Exporter guts River stage five • 2384 direct dependents • 30420 total dependents

No user-serviceable parts inside....

TODDR/Exporter-5.73 - 21 Sep 2018 16:17:34 GMT

Exporter::Tidy - Another way of exporting symbols River stage two • 20 direct dependents • 46 total dependents

This module serves as an easy, clean alternative to Exporter. Unlike Exporter, it is not subclassed, but it simply exports a custom import() into your namespace. With Exporter::Tidy, you don't need to use any package global in your module. Even the s...

JUERD/Exporter-Tidy-0.08 - 06 Jan 2015 11:27:47 GMT

AppConfig::Exporter - Allow modules to import AppConfig sections from a shared configuration. River stage zero No dependents

MODULO/AppConfig-Exporter-1.5 - 09 Aug 2007 19:48:08 GMT

Graphics::Potrace::Vectorial::Exporter - vectorial exporter base class for Graphics::Potrace River stage zero No dependents

This is a base class for building up vector exporters. One example of using this base class is shipped directly in the distribution as Graphics::Potrace::Vectorial::Svg. You only need override one of two methods in order to implement your exporter: e...

POLETTIX/Graphics-Potrace-0.76 - 12 Sep 2016 20:14:34 GMT

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