ExtUtils::Typemaps::Cmd - Quick commands for handling typemaps River stage five • 140 direct dependents • 19369 total dependents

This is a helper module for ExtUtils::Typemaps for quick one-liners, specifically for inclusion of shared typemaps that live on CPAN into an XS file (see SYNOPSIS). For this reason, the following functions are exported by default:...

SMUELLER/ExtUtils-ParseXS-3.35 - 31 Jul 2017 15:52:17 UTC

ExtUtils::Typemaps::Excommunicated - Typemaps that have been removed from the core River stage zero No dependents

"ExtUtils::Typemaps::Excommunicated" is an "ExtUtils::Typemaps" subclass that provides typemaps that have been booted from the perl core. They might have been removed from the core for various reasons, but we're really honest, it's really because the...

SMUELLER/ExtUtils-Typemaps-Excommunicated-0.01 - 01 Feb 2012 18:02:20 UTC

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