File::Repl - Perl module that provides file replication utilities River stage zero No dependents

The File:Repl provides simple file replication and management utilities. Its main functions are File Replication Allowing two directory structures to be maintained, ensuring files that meet selection logic criteria are mirrored and otherwise synchron...

DROBERTS/File-Repl-2.3 - 03 Nov 2015 18:32:52 UTC

File::Replace - Perl extension for replacing files by renaming a temp file over the original River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module implements and hides the following pattern for you: 1. Open a temporary file for output 2. While reading from the original file, write output to the temporary file 3. "rename" the temporary file over the original file In many cases, in pa...

HAUKEX/File-Replace-0.14 - 24 Mar 2019 21:11:42 UTC
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