File::Samba - Samba configuration Object River stage zero No dependents

This module allows for easy editing of smb.conf in an OO way. The need arised from openfiler which at this current time setups a smb conf for you, however any changes you made by hand are lost when you make change due to the ...

SSCOTTO/File-Samba-0.03 - 07 Jul 2005 13:59:46 UTC

lib/File/ River stage zero No dependents

RAF/File-SambaMSNRL-0.02 - 11 Nov 2008 08:42:29 UTC

File::Info - Store file information persistently for fast lookup River stage zero No dependents

This package stores per-file information for speedy lookup later. It is intended to store file info that takes a significant time to determine --- e.g., the MD5 sum of a large file, to avoid uneccessarily recalculation. This may be particularly helpf...

FLUFFY/File-Info-1.02 - 13 Jan 2003 18:08:32 UTC

File::DirSync - Syncronize two directories rapidly River stage zero No dependents

File::DirSync will make two directories exactly the same. The goal is to perform this syncronization process as quickly as possible with as few stats and reads and writes as possible. It usually can perform the syncronization process within a few mil...

BBB/File-DirSync-1.22 - 27 Aug 2007 16:46:03 UTC

HTML::EP::Explorer - Web driven browsing of a filesystem River stage zero No dependents

This application was developed for DHW, a german company that wanted to give its users access to files stored on a file server via certain applications defined by an administrator. (See if you are interested in the sponsor.) The ro...

JWIED/HTML-EP-Explorer-0.1006 - 05 Nov 1999 11:38:55 UTC
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