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GD::Barcode::Matrix2of5 - Create Matrix2of5 barcode image with GD River stage two • 10 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

GD::Barcode::Matrix2of5 is a subclass of GD::Barcode and allows you to create Matrix2of5 barcode image with GD. new *$oGdBar* = GD::Barcode::Matrix2of5->new(*$sTxt*); Constructor. Creates a GD::Barcode::Matrix2of5 object for *$sTxt*. *$sTxt* has nume...

KWITKNR/GD-Barcode-1.15 - 24 Apr 2004 07:09:29 UTC

Catalyst::View::GD::Barcode - make it easy to use GD::Barcode in Catalyst's View River stage zero No dependents

YANA/Catalyst-View-GD-Barcode-0.05 - 08 Feb 2010 09:29:50 UTC
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