getopt - Shortcut for using Getopt::Std's getopt() from the command line River stage zero No dependents

PERLANCAR/getopt-0.001 - 07 Apr 2020 17:19:03 UTC

Getopt::OO - An object oriented command line parser. It handles short, long and multi (--x ... -) value options. It also incorporates help for options to simplify generation of usage statements. River stage zero No dependents

Getopt::OO is an object oriented tool for parsing command line arguments. It expects a reference to the input arguments and uses a perl hash to describe how the command line arguments should be parsed. Note that by parsed, we mean what options expect...

SJSMITH/Getopt-OO-0.07 - 21 Sep 2005 14:10:26 UTC

Tk::Getopt - User configuration window for Tk with interface to Getopt::Long River stage zero No dependents

Tk::Getopt provides an interface to access command line options via Getopt::Long and editing with a graphical user interface via a Tk window. Unlike Getopt::Long, this package uses a object oriented interface, so you have to create a new Tk::Getopt o...

SREZIC/Tk-Getopt-0.51 - 23 Apr 2017 09:00:29 UTC

Getopt::EX - Getopt Extender River stage two • 9 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

Getopt::EX extends basic function of Getopt family to support user-definable option aliases, and dynamic module which works together with a script through option interface....

UTASHIRO/Getopt-EX-v1.27.1 - 17 Mar 2022 11:21:58 UTC

Getopt::O2 - Command line argument processing and automated help generation, object oriented River stage zero No dependents

The "Getopt::O2" module implements an extended "Getopt" class which parses the command line from @ARGV, recognizing and removing specified options and their possible values. This module adheres to the POSIX syntax for command line options, with GNU e...

SCHIECHEO/Getopt-O2-v1.1.0 - 21 Sep 2019 12:29:24 UTC

Getopt::Alt - Command line option passing with with lots of features River stage two • 11 direct dependents • 15 total dependents

The aim of "Getopt::Alt" is to provide an alternative to Getopt::Long that allows a simple command line program to easily grow in complexity. Getopt::Lon can be expanded from a simple command line option passer to allow sub-commands. Option processin...

IVANWILLS/Getopt-Alt-v0.5.4 - 03 Aug 2020 05:47:19 UTC

Getopt::App - Write and test your script with ease River stage zero No dependents

Getopt::App is a module that helps you structure your scripts and integrates Getopt::Long with a very simple API. In addition it makes it very easy to test your script, since the script file can be sourced without actually being run. Getopt::App also...

JHTHORSEN/Getopt-App-0.08 - 15 Jun 2022 22:29:43 UTC

CGI::Getopt - Configuration initializer River stage zero No dependents

This program enables CGI and command line inputs. It uses CGI and Getopt::Std modules....

GEOTIGER/CGI-Getopt-0.13 - 11 May 2005 16:13:35 UTC

Getopt::Gen - extended module for gengetopt-like parsing. River stage zero No dependents

Parse extended 'gengetopt'-style option files, and fill in output templates based on the parsed values....

MOOCOW/Getopt-Gen-0.14 - 23 Feb 2016 08:43:17 UTC

Getopt::XML - Provide the user input arguments to Getopt::Long as an XML document River stage zero No dependents

This is simply another way to pass in user defined arguments to an application using Getop::Long. The module provides a way to pass in user arguments from an XML file into Getopt::Long. In this way, the user can provide input to an application via an...

RGLAUE/Getopt-XML-0.53 - 01 Oct 2009 18:06:56 UTC

Getopt::Std - Process single-character switches with switch clustering River stage five • 10984 direct dependents • 31956 total dependents

The "getopts()" function processes single-character switches with switch clustering. Pass one argument which is a string containing all switches to be recognized. For each switch found, if an argument is expected and provided, "getopts()" sets $opt_x...

RJBS/perl-5.36.0 - 28 May 2022 00:26:10 UTC

Getopt::Easy - parses command line options in a simple but capable way. River stage two • 2 direct dependents • 20 total dependents

Perl puts the command line parameters in the array @ARGV allowing the user to examine and manipulate it like any other array. There is a long tradition of putting optional single character flags (preceded by a dash) in front of other parameters like ...

JONBJ/Getopt-Easy-0.1 - 17 Mar 2004 05:45:16 UTC

Getopt::Flex - Option parsing, done different. River stage zero No dependents

Getopt::Flex makes defining and documenting command line options in your program easy. It has a consistent object-oriented interface. Creating an option specification is declarative and configuration is optional and defaults to a few, smart parameter...

RPKELLY/Getopt-Flex-1.07 - 15 Mar 2011 02:03:47 UTC

Getopt::EvaP - evaluate Perl command line parameters. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

@PDT is the Parameter Description Table, which is a reference to a list of strings describing the command line parameters, aliases, types and default values. @MM is the Message Module, which is also a reference to a list of strings describing the com...

LUSOL/Getopt-EvaP-2.8 - 01 Nov 2014 06:53:53 UTC

Getopt::Tree - Get tree-like options (like the route command). River stage zero No dependents

JEAGLE/Getopt-Tree-1.12 - 07 Jun 2011 13:57:26 UTC

Getopt::Mini River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This is, yup, yet another Getopt module, a very lightweight one. It's not declarative in any way, ie, it does not support specs, like Getopt::Long et al do. On the other hand, it can validate your parameters using the Data::Validator syntax. But that...

RODRIGO/Getopt-Mini-0.03 - 03 Aug 2015 09:52:51 UTC

Getopt::Lazy - Yet another lazy, minimal way of using Getopt::Long River stage zero No dependents

Got tired of the same tedious "getopt" things in every script you wrote? This module works for you! Without Getopt::Lazy Normally your script would go like this: use File::Basename; use Getopt::Long; sub usage { my $msg = shift; my $cmd = basename $0...

RUEYCHENG/Getopt-Lazy-0.0.7 - 09 Oct 2015 22:34:05 UTC

Getopt::Plus - Options wrapper with standard options, help system and more River stage zero No dependents

FLUFFY/Getopt-Plus-0.99 - 29 Nov 2012 13:50:26 UTC

Getopt::Base - foundation for oo GetOpt support River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

EWILHELM/Getopt-Base-v0.0.3 - 03 Jun 2013 07:56:46 UTC

Getopt::Auto - Option framework for command-line applications River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

"Getopt::Auto" provides an easy way to organize a script to handle whatever option mechanism it requires. For each option "--foo" you provide a subroutine "sub foo{...}". The sub is called every time "--foo" appears on the command line. Values for th...

GLEACH/Getopt-Auto-2.0 - 16 Aug 2014 22:42:22 UTC
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