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Graph::Clique - Return all k-cliques in a graph River stage zero No dependents

This module extends Greg Bacon's implementation on clique reduction with regular expression. Originally can be found at: <> The function take clique size (k) and vertices (list of lists) and return all t...

EWIJAYA/Graph-Clique-0.02 - 12 Nov 2004 04:26:46 UTC

Graph::Maker::Keller - create Keller graphs River stage zero No dependents

"Graph::Maker::Keller" creates a "" graph of a Keller graph. This is a graph form of Keller's conjecture on N-dimensional tilings by unit hypercubes. The Keller graph N has 4^N vertices numbered 0 to 4^N-1. These vertices are treated as base-...

KRYDE/Graph-Maker-Other-19 - 29 Jan 2023 09:43:08 UTC
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