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HTML::Widget::SideBar - Creates the HTML (and possibly some Javascript) for a navigational or otherwise active (hierarchical) sidebar for a web page. River stage zero No dependents

HTML::Widget::SideBar creates the HTML, and possibly some Javascript and CSS for a hirarchical side menu bar. It is very flexible, and allows you to create both simple navigational menus and complex dynamic sidebars with Javascript actions associated...

YOSEFM/HTML-Widget-SideBar-1.02 - 05 Oct 2004 13:06:36 UTC

HTML::Widgets::NavMenu - A Perl Module for Generating HTML Navigation Menus River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

This module generates a navigation menu for a site. It can also generate a complete site map, a path of leading components, and also keeps track of navigation links ("Next", "Prev", "Up", etc.) You can start from the example above and see more exampl...

SHLOMIF/HTML-Widgets-NavMenu-1.1000 - 06 Jun 2022 15:08:14 UTC
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