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HTTP::ProxyAutoConfig - use a .pac or wpad.dat file to get proxy information River stage zero No dependents

*HTTP::ProxyAutoConfig* allows perl scripts that need to access the Internet to determine whether to do so via a proxy server. To do this, it uses proxy settings provided by an IT department, either on the Web or in a browser's *.pac* file on disk. I...

MACKENNA/HTTP-ProxyAutoConfig-0.3 - 26 Mar 2010 02:46:43 UTC

HTTP::ProxyPAC - use a PAC (Proxy Auto Config) file to get proxy info River stage zero No dependents

*HTTP::ProxyPAC* allows use of a Proxy Auto Configuration file to determine whether a URL needs to be accessed via a proxy server, and if so the URL of the proxy server. You can use a *.pac* file from a web browser, or a *wpad.dat* file obtained via ...

MACKENNA/HTTP-ProxyPAC-0.31 - 27 Mar 2010 04:35:43 UTC
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