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Hook::LexWrap - Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers River stage three • 22 direct dependents • 118 total dependents

Hook::LexWrap allows you to install a pre- or post-wrapper (or both) around an existing subroutine. Unlike other modules that provide this capacity (e.g. Hook::PreAndPost and Hook::WrapSub), Hook::LexWrap implements wrappers in such a way that the st...

ETHER/Hook-LexWrap-0.26 - 23 Feb 2017 05:43:36 UTC

Hook::Heckle - create pre and post hooks River stage zero No dependents

Creating hooks to subroutines is issued by many other cpan modules. See * Class::Hook * Hook::Scope * Hook::WrapSub * Hook::LexWrap * Hook::PrePostCall But this didnt kept me from writing a new one. It is a base class and can be inherited. CLASSES Ho...

MUENALAN/Hook-Heckle-0.01.01 - 17 Feb 2003 23:35:21 UTC

Hook::Scope - Perl extension for adding hooks for exiting a scope River stage zero No dependents

POST "POST" takes a reference to a subroutine or a subroutine name and will register that subroutine to be executed when the scope is left. Note that even if the scope is left using die(), the subroutine will be executed. EXPORT None by default. POST...

ABERGMAN/Hook-Scope-0.04 - 01 Jan 2003 20:17:58 UTC

Hook::WrapSub - wrap subs with pre- and post-call hooks River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This module lets you wrap a function, providing one or both of functions that are called just before and just after, whenever the wrapped function is called. There are a number of other modules that provide the same functionality as this module, some...

JANITOR/Hook-WrapSub-0.08 - 02 Jul 2021 08:31:14 UTC

Hook::Modular - Making pluggable applications easy River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Hook::Modular makes writing pluggable applications easy. Use a config file to specify which plugins you want and to pass options to those plugins. The program to support those plugin then subclasses Hook::Modular and bootstraps itself. This causes th...

MARCEL/Hook-Modular-1.101050 - 15 Apr 2010 16:02:27 UTC
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