lib/IO/All/ River stage three • 139 direct dependents • 368 total dependents

FREW/IO-All-0.87 - 18 Jul 2017 21:06:01 UTC

IO - load various IO modules River stage five • 4958 direct dependents • 31140 total dependents

"IO" provides a simple mechanism to load several of the IO modules in one go. The IO modules belonging to the core are: IO::Handle IO::Seekable IO::File IO::Pipe IO::Socket IO::Dir IO::Select IO::Poll Some other IO modules don't belong to the perl co...

TODDR/IO-1.42 - 20 Jan 2020 06:51:20 UTC

Meta::IO::Dir - extend IO::Dir. River stage zero No dependents

This class extends IO::Dir by adding exception handling to the class and a more object oriented style (look at the synopsis)....

VELTZER/Meta-0.08 - 31 Dec 2002 10:05:41 UTC

IO::Dir::Recursive - IO::Dir working recursive River stage zero No dependents

IO::Dir::Recursive gives IO::Dir the ability to work recursive....

FLORA/IO-Dir-Recursive-0.03 - 22 Oct 2005 20:32:21 UTC

IO::Dir - supply object methods for directory handles River stage five • 4958 direct dependents • 31140 total dependents

The "IO::Dir" package provides two interfaces to perl's directory reading routines. The first interface is an object approach. "IO::Dir" provides an object constructor and methods, which are just wrappers around perl's built in directory reading rout...

TODDR/IO-1.42 - 20 Jan 2020 06:51:20 UTC

IO::AIO - Asynchronous/Advanced Input/Output River stage two • 15 direct dependents • 26 total dependents

This module implements asynchronous I/O using whatever means your operating system supports. It is implemented as an interface to "libeio" (<>). Asynchronous means that operations that can normally block your...

MLEHMANN/IO-AIO-4.72 - 03 Apr 2019 03:04:40 UTC

IO::File - supply object methods for filehandles River stage five • 4958 direct dependents • 31140 total dependents

"IO::File" inherits from "IO::Handle" and "IO::Seekable". It extends these classes with methods that are specific to file handles....

TODDR/IO-1.42 - 20 Jan 2020 06:51:20 UTC

IO::Dirent - Access to dirent structs returned by readdir River stage zero No dependents

readdirent returns a list of hashrefs. Each hashref contains the name of the directory entry, its inode for the filesystem it resides on and its type (if available). If the file type or inode are not available, it won't be there! nextdirent returns t...

SCOTTW/IO-Dirent-0.05 - 22 Aug 2011 21:41:07 UTC

Iterator::IO - Filesystem and stream iterators. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides filesystem and stream iterator functions. See the Iterator module for more information about how to use iterators....

ROODE/Iterator-IO-0.02 - 23 Aug 2005 21:45:14 UTC

PDL::IO::Dcm - Reads dicom files, sorts them and stores the result into piddles with headers River stage zero No dependents

FANTASMA/PDL-IO-Dcm-1.003 - 09 Feb 2017 15:02:30 UTC

IPC::Run::IO - I/O channels for IPC::Run. River stage four • 157 direct dependents • 1789 total dependents

This class and module allows filehandles and filenames to be harnessed for I/O when used IPC::Run, independent of anything else IPC::Run is doing (except that errors & exceptions can affect all things that IPC::Run is doing)....

TODDR/IPC-Run-20200505.0 - 05 May 2020 20:57:23 UTC

Bio::Root::IO - BioPerl base IO handling class River stage two • 74 direct dependents • 79 total dependents

This module provides methods that will usually be needed for any sort of file- or stream-related input/output, e.g., keeping track of a file handle, transient printing and reading from the file handle, a close method, automatically closing the handle...

CJFIELDS/BioPerl-1.7.7 - 07 Dec 2019 19:47:42 UTC

IO::EditPrompt - Support a prompt that uses the configured editor to take long text River stage zero No dependents

This module provides extended functionality for entering or changing text for command line programs. The "IO::Prompter" module does a wonderful job of encapsulating a lot of user entry tasks in a really nice interface. One thing it does not do well i...

GWADEJ/IO-EditPrompt-0.02 - 11 Apr 2015 04:07:38 UTC

IO::Dir::Dirfd - Perl extension to extract the file descriptor from a dirhandle River stage zero No dependents

The IO::Dir::Dirfd module provides the possibility to extract the file descriptor from a directory handle on platforms where this functionality is available. It exports a single sub, dirfd(), by default. If you specify that you want to export fileno(...

GRUBER/IO-Dir-Dirfd-0.01 - 21 Nov 2001 18:23:13 UTC

IO::Compress::Zip - Write zip files/buffers River stage four • 314 direct dependents • 9614 total dependents

This module provides a Perl interface that allows writing zip compressed data to files or buffer. The primary purpose of this module is to provide streaming write access to zip files and buffers. At present the following compression methods are suppo...

PMQS/IO-Compress-2.096 - 31 Jul 2020 20:53:32 UTC

IO::Handle::Record - IO::Handle extension to pass perl data structures River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

"IO::Handle::Record" extends the "IO::Handle" class. Since many classes derive from "IO::Handle" these extensions can be used with "IO::File", "IO::Socket", "IO::Pipe", etc. The methods provided read and write lists of perl data structures. They can ...

OPI/IO-Handle-Record-0.15 - 22 Mar 2013 10:52:45 UTC

File::DataClass::IO - A powerful and concise API to do as much file IO as possible River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

This is a simplified re-write of IO::All with additional functionality from IO::AtomicFile. Provides the same minimalist API but without the heavy OO overloading. Only has methods for files and directories...

PJFL/File-DataClass-0.73.1 - 02 Jun 2017 00:03:17 UTC

Test::Inline::IO::File - Test::Inline Local Filesystem IO Handler River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

Test::Inline::IO::File is the default IO handler for Test::Inline. Test::Inline 2.0 was conceived in an enterprise setting, and retains the flexibilty, power, and bulk that this created, although for most users the power and complexity that is availa...

ADAMK/Test-Inline-2.213 - 09 Apr 2013 06:03:53 UTC

CAD::Drawing::IO::Split - Fast distributed text file methods. River stage one • 6 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

EWILHELM/CAD-Drawing-0.26 - 17 Mar 2006 18:33:41 UTC

IO::Iron::IronMQ::Client - IronMQ (Online Message Queue) Client. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

IO::Iron::IronMQ is a client for the IronMQ message queue at <>. IronMQ is a cloud based message queue with a REST API. IO::Iron::IronMQ creates a Perl object for interacting with IronMQ. All IronMQ functions are available. The cla...

MIKKOI/IO-Iron-0.13 - 08 Jan 2019 23:33:51 UTC

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