IPC::SharedCache - a Perl module to manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory. River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a shared memory cache accessed as a tied hash. Shared memory is an area of memory that is available to all processes. It is accessed by choosing a key, the ipc_key arguement to tie. Every process that accesses shared memory with ...

SAMTREGAR/IPC-SharedCache-1.3 - 25 Mar 2000 07:15:52 UTC

IPC::Mmap::Share - Safely share structures among processes using anonymous mmap. River stage zero No dependents

Overview The IPC::Mmap::Share was born out of the need to share structures among processes that come from the same ancestor. It tries to do so in a very simple and straightforward manner. Just create an IPC::Mmap::Share object, and use set to store y...

ADUITSIS/IPC-Mmap-Share-0.03 - 16 Jul 2006 15:55:15 UTC
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