Image::DeAnim - create static GIF file from animated GIF River stage zero No dependents

Image::DeAnim::gif takes a reference to a scalar conatining a GIF image, and returns a scalar reference to a filtered GIF image. If the input is an animated GIF, the output will be a static GIF of the last frame of the animation. If the input is alre...

KENMACF/Image-DeAnim-0.02 - 24 Oct 1999 16:50:23 UTC

Image::ParseGIF - Parse a GIF image into its compenent parts. River stage zero No dependents

This module parses a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image into its component 'parts'. A GIF is essentially made up of one or more images - multiple images typically are used for animated gifs. PURPOSE This module was written to allow a web applica...

BENL/Image-ParseGIF-0.2 - 05 Jun 2000 07:18:26 UTC
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