LWP::MediaTypes - guess media type for a file or a URL River stage four • 13 direct dependents • 8812 total dependents

This module provides functions for handling media (also known as MIME) types and encodings. The mapping from file extensions to media types is defined by the media.types file. If the ~/.media.types file exists it is used instead. For backwards compat...

OALDERS/LWP-MediaTypes-6.04 - 20 Mar 2019 13:01:30 UTC

LWP - The World-Wide Web library for Perl River stage four • 2103 direct dependents • 5992 total dependents

The libwww-perl collection is a set of Perl modules which provides a simple and consistent application programming interface (API) to the World-Wide Web. The main focus of the library is to provide classes and functions that allow you to write WWW cl...

OALDERS/libwww-perl-6.54 - 06 May 2021 17:55:38 UTC

LWP::Protocol::rsync - rsync protocol for LWP River stage zero No dependents

This module adds "rsync://" protocol scheme to "LWP::UserAgent" by running the external rsync(1) program. <http://rsync.samba.org/> The rsync protocol uploads or downloads files by sending only changed file blocks if possible. (The receive side calcu...

KRYDE/LWP-Protocol-rsync-2 - 01 Jun 2019 05:49:23 UTC
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