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Lingua::EN::Conjugate - Conjugation of English verbs River stage zero No dependents

This module constructs various verb tenses in English. Thanks to Susan Jones for the list of irregular verbs and an explanation of English verb tenses <>. past($infinitive) past tense form of the verb: "go" ...

RWG/Lingua-EN-Conjugate-0.311 - 17 Nov 2010 02:34:49 UTC

Lingua::EN::Dict - BETA Version of XML english dictionary storage. River stage zero No dependents

Note: BETA VERSION. See main reason for release of this module, three paragraphs down. Description This is a small module I came up with to use as a storage format for my humble attempt at a natural language parser (or a subset of natural language - ...

JBRYAN/Lingua-EN-Dict-0.20 - 07 Oct 2000 03:39:24 UTC

Lingua::Zompist::Barakhinei - Inflect Barakhinei nouns, verbs, and adjectives River stage zero No dependents

Overview Lingua::Zompist::Barakhinei is a module which allows you to inflect Barakhinei words. You can conjugate verbs and decline nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. There is one function to inflect nouns and pronouns, and another to inflect adjectives...

PNE/Lingua-Zompist-Barakhinei-0.02 - 26 Jun 2002 15:14:39 UTC
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