Lingua::EN::NameCase - Correctly case a person's name from UPERCASE or lowcase River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Forenames and surnames are often stored either wholly in UPPERCASE or wholly in lowercase. This module allows you to convert names into the correct case where possible. Although forenames and surnames are normally stored separately if they do appear ...

NHORNE/Lingua-EN-NameCase-1.21 - 15 Nov 2020 12:40:17 UTC

Template::Plugin::Lingua::EN::NameCase - TT2 interface to Lingua::EN::NameCase module River stage zero No dependents

The *Lingua::EN::NameCase* Template Toolkit plugin provides access to the Lingua::EN::NameCase module functions, to translate number values to their names. When you invoke [% USE Lingua.EN.NameCase %] the following filters (and vmethods of the same n...

BARBIE/Template-Plugin-Lingua-EN-NameCase-0.02 - 03 Jan 2015 02:06:15 UTC

Lingua::EN::NameParse - extract the components of a person or couples full name, from free form text River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

This module takes as input one person's name or a couples name in free format text such as, Mr AB & M/s CD MacNay-Smith MR J.L. D'ANGELO Estate Of The Late Lieutenant Colonel AB Van Der Heiden and attempts to parse it. If successful, the name is brok...

KIMRYAN/Lingua-EN-NameParse-1.38 - 26 Oct 2018 07:10:02 UTC
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