Linux::Pid - Get the native PID and the PPID on Linux River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Why should one use a module to get the PID and the PPID of a process where there are the $$ variable and the "getppid()" builtin ? (Not mentioning the equivalent "POSIX::getpid()" and "POSIX::getppid()" functions.) In fact, this is useful on Linux, w...

RGARCIA/Linux-Pid-0.04 - 12 Jun 2007 10:10:46 GMT

Linux::Smaps - a Perl interface to /proc/PID/smaps River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

The /proc/PID/smaps files in modern linuxes provides very detailed information about a processes memory consumption. It particularly includes a way to estimate the effect of copy-on-write. This module implements a Perl interface. The content of the s...

OPI/Linux-Smaps-0.13 - 01 Dec 2013 20:44:10 GMT

Linux::Proc::Maps - Read and write /proc/[pid]/maps files River stage zero No dependents

This module reads and writes /proc/[pid]/maps files that contain listed mapped memory regions....

CCM/Linux-Proc-Maps-0.002 - 28 Nov 2016 05:04:07 GMT

Linux::Proc::Mountinfo - Parse Linux /proc/$PID/mountinfo data River stage zero No dependents

Linux::Proc::Mounts parses the information about mount points provided by the Linux kernel at "/proc/$PID/mountinfo"....

SALVA/Linux-Proc-Mountinfo-0.02 - 21 May 2012 10:06:23 GMT

Linux::Setns - Perl extension for switching the current process namespace to another namespace pointed by a path to the ns file descriptor. River stage zero No dependents

This trivial module provides interface to the Linux setns system call. It also provides the CLONE_* constants that are used to specify which kind of namespace you are entering. Also a new CLONE_ALL constat is provided so you can join/switch to any ty...

HACKMAN/Linux-Setns-2.1 - 01 Jan 2017 22:36:41 GMT

Linux::GetPidstat::Reader - Read each pid info from a pid dir path River stage zero No dependents

YOHEIMUTA/Linux-GetPidstat-0.09 - 19 Sep 2017 02:20:51 GMT

Linux::Clone - an interface to the linux clone, unshare, setns, pivot_root and kcmp syscalls River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This module exposes the linux clone(2), unshare(2) and related syscalls to Perl. $retval = unshare $flags The following CLONE_ flag values (without CLONE_ prefix) are supported for unshare, if found, in this release. See the documentation for unshare...

MLEHMANN/Linux-Clone-1.2 - 07 Nov 2017 18:16:35 GMT

Linux::Prctl - Perl extension for controlling process characteristics River stage zero No dependents

The linux prctl function allows you to control specific characteristics of a process' behaviour. Usage of the function is fairly messy though, due to limitations in C and linux. This module provides a nice non-messy interface. Most of the text in thi...

SEVEAS/Linux-Prctl-1.6.0 - 07 Apr 2015 20:32:42 GMT

Linux::DVB - interface to (some parts of) the Linux DVB API River stage zero No dependents

This module provides an interface to the Linux DVB API. It is a straightforward translation of the C API. You should read the Linux DVB API description to make any sense of this module. It can be found here:

MLEHMANN/Linux-DVB-1.03 - 14 Jun 2015 13:39:36 GMT

Linux::Pidfile - Pidfile handling to help control processes. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Pidfile handling to help processes avoid running multiple times....

TEX/Linux-Pidfile-0.16 - 02 Dec 2012 20:04:42 GMT

Linux::Fuser - Determine which processes have a file open River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides information similar to the Unix command 'fuser' about which processes have a particular file open. The way that this works is highly unlikely to work on any other OS other than Linux and even then it may not work on other than 2....

JSTOWE/Linux-Fuser-1.6 - 27 Oct 2013 10:22:50 GMT

Linux::Fanotify - Perl interface to the Linux fanotify API River stage zero No dependents

The fanotify API is a filesystem monitoring interface in the Linux kernel. It is intended to be used by file scanners such as virus and malware scanners or file indexers. fanotify has been part of the Linux kernel since 2.6.37 (but needs to be enable...

BASTIAN/Linux-Fanotify-1.1.1 - 04 Aug 2015 14:45:48 GMT

Linux::GetPidstat - Monitor each process metrics avg using each pidfile River stage zero No dependents

Run "pidstat -h -u -r -s -d -w -p $pid $interval $count" commands in parallel to monitor each process metrics avg/1min. Output to a specified file [and|or] "mackerel service" Motivation A batch server runs many batch scripts at t...

YOHEIMUTA/Linux-GetPidstat-0.09 - 19 Sep 2017 02:20:51 GMT

Linux::CPUAffinity - set and get a process's CPU affinity mask River stage zero No dependents

Linux::CPUAffinity is a wrapper module for Linux system call sched_getaffinity(2) and sched_setaffinity(2). This module is only available on GNU/Linux....

JIRO/Linux-CPUAffinity-0.01 - 26 Apr 2015 05:09:18 GMT

Linux::DVB::DVBT - Perl extension for DVB terrestrial recording, epg, and scanning River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Linux::DVB::DVBT is a package that provides an object interface to any installed Freeview tuner cards fitted to a Linux PC. The package supports initial set up (i.e. frequency scanning), searching for the latest electronic program guide (EPG), and se...

SDPRICE/Linux-DVB-DVBT-2.20 - 27 Jul 2016 12:43:22 GMT

Linux::FD::Signal - Signal filehandles for Linux River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

LEONT/Linux-FD-0.011 - 11 May 2014 11:18:01 GMT

Linux::RTC::Ioctl - Real Time Clock access using the Linux driver ioctl interface. River stage zero No dependents

$device can be an open file handle, a device file name, a device number (0, 1, 2..) or empty ("undef"), in which case /dev/rtc is used. The Linux driver has built-in locking so that only one process can have the /dev/rtc interface open at a time. You...

TOUGHY/Linux-RTC-Ioctl-0.08 - 17 May 2016 21:47:29 GMT

Linux::USBKeyboard - access devices pretending to be qwerty keyboards River stage zero No dependents

EWILHELM/Linux-USBKeyboard-0.04 - 08 Dec 2009 03:40:48 GMT

Linux::Statm::Tiny - simple access to Linux /proc/../statm River stage zero No dependents

This class returns the Linux memory stats from /proc/$pid/statm....

RRWO/Linux-Statm-Tiny-0.0600 - 27 Oct 2018 22:38:48 GMT

Linux::Smaps::Tiny - A minimal and fast alternative to Linux::Smaps River stage zero No dependents

This module is a tiny interface to /proc/PID/smaps files. It was written because when we rolled out Linux::Smaps in some critical code at a Big Internet Company we experienced slowdowns that were solved by writing a more minimal version. This module ...

AVAR/Linux-Smaps-Tiny-0.10 - 01 Dec 2014 21:26:17 GMT

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