Mac::OSA::Simple - Simple access to Mac::OSA River stage zero No dependents

You can access scripting components via the tied hash %ScriptComponents which is automatically exported. Components are only opened if they have not been already, and are closed when the program exits. It is normally not necessary to use this hash, a...

CNANDOR/Mac-OSA-Simple-1.09 - 02 Jun 2005 05:49:15 GMT

Mac::OSA::Dialog::Tiny - The great new Mac::OSA::Dialog::Tiny! River stage zero No dependents

LNATION/Mac-OSA-Dialog-Tiny-0.04 - 08 Jan 2019 15:21:53 GMT

Mac::Growl - Perl module for registering and sending Growl Notifications on Mac OS X River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Mac::Growl provides a simple notification for perl apps to register themselves with and send notifications to the Mac OS X notification application Growl. Mac::Growl defines two methods: RegisterNotifications(appname, allNotifications, defaultNotific...

CNANDOR/Mac-Growl-0.67 - 24 Aug 2006 23:04:19 GMT

Mac::AppleScript - Perl extension to execute applescript commands on OS X River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Simple interface to the OSA scripting stuff. Returns undef on error and sets $@ to the error code. Codes are listed in the AppleScript documentation. On successful completion, this returns the output of the AppleScript command. For empty returns, lik...

DSUGAL/Mac-AppleScript-0.04 - 23 Feb 2003 17:04:10 GMT

Mac::AppleEvents::Simple - Simple access to Mac::AppleEvents River stage zero No dependents

Requirements For MacPerl 5.2.0r4, you should have the latest cpan-mac distribution: For MacPerl 5.6.1 and up, everything you need is included. For Mac OS X, you should have the latest Mac::Carbon: http://sour...

CNANDOR/Mac-AppleEvents-Simple-1.18 - 07 Jul 2006 06:46:14 GMT

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