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Module::Build::Tiny - A tiny replacement for Module::Build River stage five • 1644 direct dependents • 11158 total dependents

Many Perl distributions use a Build.PL file instead of a Makefile.PL file to drive distribution configuration, build, test and installation. Traditionally, Build.PL uses Module::Build as the underlying build system. This module provides a simple, lig...

LEONT/Module-Build-Tiny-0.047 - 28 Sep 2023 15:54:26 UTC

Module::Build - Build and install Perl modules River stage five • 4486 direct dependents • 17571 total dependents

"Module::Build" is a system for building, testing, and installing Perl modules. It is meant to be an alternative to "ExtUtils::MakeMaker". Developers may alter the behavior of the module through subclassing. It also does not require a "make" on your ...

LEONT/Module-Build-0.4234 - 28 Apr 2023 08:59:31 UTC

Module::Starter - a simple starter kit for any module River stage two • 21 direct dependents • 93 total dependents

This is the core module for Module::Starter. If you're not looking to extend or alter the behavior of this module, you probably want to look at module-starter instead. Module::Starter is used to create a skeletal CPAN distribution, including basic bu...

DBOOK/Module-Starter-1.77 - 05 Sep 2020 21:22:00 UTC

Module::Features - Define features for modules River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This document specifies a very easy and lightweight way to define and declare features for modules. A definer module defines some features in a feature set, other modules declare these features that they have or don't have, and user can easily check ...

PERLANCAR/Module-Features-0.1.7 - 27 Aug 2021 01:40:46 UTC

Module::Build::YAML - DEPRECATED River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This module was originally an inline copy of YAML::Tiny. It has been deprecated in favor of using CPAN::Meta::YAML directly. This module is kept as a subclass wrapper for compatibility....

LEONT/Module-Build-Deprecated-0.4210 - 19 Aug 2014 18:34:54 UTC

Module::Inspector - An integrated API for inspecting Perl distributions River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

An entire ecosystem of CPAN modules exist around the files and formats relating to the CPAN itself. Parsers and object models for various different types of files have been created over the years by various people for various projects. These modules ...

ADAMK/Module-Inspector-1.05 - 16 Aug 2008 17:16:06 UTC

Module::New::Path River stage zero No dependents

This is to handle files/directories in a distribution....

ISHIGAKI/Module-New-0.15 - 19 Apr 2015 15:25:22 UTC

Module::List::More - Module::List, with more options River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This module is like Module::List, except for the following differences: * lower startup overhead (with some caveats) It avoids using Exporter and implements its own import(). It avoids IO::Dir, Carp, File::Spec, with the goal of saving a few millisec...

PERLANCAR/Module-List-More-0.004011 - 12 Aug 2022 00:17:39 UTC

Kelp::Module::Config - Configuration for Kelp applications River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 20 total dependents

This is one of the two modules that are automatically loaded for each and every Kelp application. The other one is Kelp::Module::Routes. It reads configuration files containing Perl-style hashes, and merges them depending on the value of the applicat...

BRTASTIC/Kelp-1.06 - 09 May 2022 21:07:41 UTC

Module::Installed::Tiny - Check if a module is installed, with as little code as possible River stage three • 13 direct dependents • 645 total dependents

To check if a module is installed (available), generally the simplest way is to try to "require()" it: if (eval { require Foo::Bar; 1 }) { # Foo::Bar is available } # or my $mod_pm = "Foo/"; if (eval { require $mod_pm; 1 }) { # Foo::Bar is avai...

PERLANCAR/Module-Installed-Tiny-0.011 - 28 Sep 2022 10:18:02 UTC

inc::Module::Build::Functions::DSL - Domain Specific Language for Module::Install River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

One of the primary design goals of Module::Install is to simplify the creation of Makefile.PL scripts. Part of this involves the gradual reduction of any and all superflous characters, with the ultimate goal of requiring no non-critical information i...

NPLATONOV/Module-Build-Functions-0.04 - 20 Jan 2010 19:18:06 UTC

Sah::Schema::perl::module::release::version - Expression to select module release River stage three • 61 direct dependents • 125 total dependents

PERLANCAR/Sah-Schemas-Perl-0.048 - 14 Mar 2023 00:05:15 UTC

Sah::Schema::perl::module::release::versions River stage three • 61 direct dependents • 125 total dependents

PERLANCAR/Sah-Schemas-Perl-0.048 - 14 Mar 2023 00:05:15 UTC
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