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Net::ICQ - Pure Perl interface to an ICQ server River stage zero No dependents

"Net::ICQ" is a class implementing an ICQ client interface in pure Perl....

JMUHLICH/Net-ICQ-0.16 - 02 Mar 2001 06:26:30 UTC

Net::ICQV5CD - Module to crypt/decrypt ICQ protocol V5 packets. River stage zero No dependents

This module provides set of functions to crypt/decrypt ICQ V5 packets....

SNEMAROV/Net-ICQV5CD-1.02 - 13 Aug 2001 05:36:37 UTC

Net::ICQV5 - Net::ICQV5 is a Perl module that allows your Perl programs to send and receive ICQ messages. River stage zero No dependents

Net::ICQV5 is a Perl module that allows your Perl programs to send and receive ICQ messages. Perhaps the most obvious use of Net::ICQ would be to write an ICQ client in Perl. Some other uses that people have come up with are: Allow a server or daemon...

SNEMAROV/Net-ICQV5-1.20 - 13 Aug 2001 05:38:23 UTC

Net::OSCAR - Implementation of AOL's OSCAR protocol for instant messaging (for interacting with AIM a.k.a. AOL IM a.k.a. AOL Instant Messenger - and ICQ, too!) River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

TODDR/Net-OSCAR-1.928 - 07 Oct 2010 14:34:40 UTC

Net::SC - perl module for create the chain from the SOCKS/HTTP proxies. River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

CONSTRUCTOR new TIMEOUT - Time Out in seconds. CHAIN_LEN - Length of chain. DEBUG - Debug level ( 0x00 | 0x01 | 0x02 | 0x04 ) 0x00 - Off 0x01 - Debug On 0x02 - Write all answers of socks servers. 0x04 - Write all requests of socks servers. 0x08 - Ext...

GOSHA/Net-SC-1.22 - 14 Nov 2009 15:56:57 UTC

Net::Jabber::Protocol - Jabber Protocol Library River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents seeks to provide enough high level APIs and automation of the low level APIs that writing a Jabber Client/Transport in Perl is trivial. For those that wish to work with the low level you can do that too, but those functions are covered in...

REATMON/Net-Jabber-2.0 - 07 Sep 2004 01:57:03 UTC
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