Net::Ident - lookup the username on the remote end of a TCP/IP connection River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 6 total dependents

You can either use the simple interface, which does one ident lookup at a time, or use the asynchronous interface to perform (possibly) many simultaneous lookups, or simply continue serving other things while the lookup is proceeding. Simple Interfac...

TODDR/Net-Ident-1.25 - 19 Jan 2020 06:06:17 UTC

Net::IdentServer - An rfc 1413 Ident server using Net::Server::Fork. River stage zero No dependents

Although you can run this as you see in the SYNOPSIS, you'll probably want to rewrite a few things. Net::IdentServer inherits Net::Server, so click through to that module for a description of the arguments to new() and for how it reads @ARGV. An exam...

JETTERO/Net-IdentServer-0.604 - 29 Jun 2014 11:47:29 UTC

Net::SDP - Session Description Protocol (rfc2327) River stage zero No dependents

"Net::SDP" is an SDP (Session Description Protocol) parser and generator. "Net::SDP" is object oriented and a single instance of "Net::SDP" represents a single SDP session description. There are methods to easily get, set and create each of the field...

NJH/Net-SDP-0.07 - 19 Sep 2006 17:16:17 UTC

Net::NfDump - Perl API for manipulating with nfdump files based on library River stage zero No dependents

Nfdump <> is a very popular toolset for collecting, storing and processing NetFlow/SFlow/IPFIX data. One of the key tools is a command line utility bearing the same name as the whole toolset (nfdump). Although this utili...

TPODER/Net-NfDump-1.30 - 22 Dec 2020 17:54:58 UTC

Net::Discident - query for DVD details River stage zero No dependents

MNF/Net-Discident-v1.0.1 - 14 Jan 2012 11:26:52 UTC

Net::FTPServer - A secure, extensible and configurable Perl FTP server River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

"Net::FTPServer" is a secure, extensible and configurable FTP server written in Perl. Current features include: * Authenticated FTP access. * Anonymous FTP access. * Complete implementation of current RFCs. * ASCII or binary type file transfers. * Ac...

RYOCHIN/Net-FTPServer-1.125 - 29 Nov 2012 08:31:49 UTC

Net::DRI::Logging::Syslog - SYSLOG Logging Operations for Net::DRI River stage zero No dependents

This class dumps all logging information to SYSLOG....

PMEVZEK/Net-DRI-0.96 - 25 Mar 2010 01:25:14 UTC

Net::Lyskom::StaticSession - static session information object River stage zero No dependents

->username() The name of the "real" user. ->hostname() The hostname the connection came from. ->ident_user() The username as given by the client host ident daemon. ->connection_time() The time when the connection was initiated. Returns a "Net::Lyskom...

CDYBED/Net-Lyskom-1.2 - 31 Dec 2011 10:39:00 UTC
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