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MIDI::Ngram - Find the top repeated note phrases of MIDI files River stage zero No dependents

"MIDI::Ngram" parses a given list of MIDI files, finds the top repeated note phrases, builds the transition networks, and renders to a MIDI file if desired. Note: This module currently assumes that all given in_files have the same MIDI ppqn (given by...

GENE/MIDI-Ngram-0.1808 - 23 Oct 2022 16:12:04 UTC

Text::Ngram - Ngram analysis of text River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

n-Gram analysis is a field in textual analysis which uses sliding window character sequences in order to aid topic analysis, language determination and so on. The n-gram spectrum of a document can be used to compare and filter documents in multiple l...

AMBS/Text-Ngram-0.15 - 17 Jul 2014 15:52:11 UTC

Grapheme::Ngram - n-grams of Unicode Extended Grapheme Clusters River stage zero No dependents

For many applications it's better to work along graphemes. Building n-grams is one of them....

WOLLMERS/Grapheme-Ngram-0.006 - 28 May 2015 21:53:14 UTC

Algorithm::NGram River stage zero No dependents

This is a module for analyzing token sequences with n-grams. You can use it to parse a block of text, or feed in your own tokens. It can generate new sequences of tokens from what has been fed in....

REVMISCHA/Algorithm-NGram-0.9 - 23 Sep 2011 05:08:06 UTC

Lingua::EN::Ngram - Extract n-grams from texts and list them according to frequency and/or T-Score River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This module is designed to extract n-grams from texts and list them according to frequency and/or T-Score. To elaborate, the purpose of Lingua::EN::Ngram is to: 1) pull out all of the ngrams (multi-word phrases) in a given text, and 2) list these phr...

EMORGAN/Lingua-EN-Ngram-0.03 - 29 Mar 2018 03:28:09 UTC

Text::TFIDF::Ngram - Compute the TF-IDF measure for ngram phrases River stage zero No dependents

This module computes the TF-IDF ("term frequency - inverse document frequency") measure for a corpus of text documents. This module will only work when given more than one document. Because the idf method is computed based on all documents, a single ...

GENE/Text-TFIDF-Ngram-0.0509 - 27 Oct 2022 00:50:15 UTC

Text::Positional::Ngram River stage zero No dependents

1. Introduction The Text::Positional::Ngram module is a module that allows for the retrieval of variable length ngrams. An ngram is defined as a sequence of 'n' tokens that occur within a window of at leaste 'n' tokens in the text. What constitutes a...

BTMCINNES/Text-Positional-Ngram-0.5 - 28 Aug 2007 19:33:28 UTC

lib/IDS/Algorithm/ River stage zero No dependents

INGHAM/IDS-Algorithms-1.02 - 09 Apr 2007 20:01:51 UTC

Text::Mining::Algorithm::Ngram - Perl Tools for Text Mining River stage zero No dependents

ROGERHALL/Text-Mining-0.08 - 15 Mar 2009 17:06:03 UTC

Search::Fulltext::Tokenizer::Ngram - Character n-gram tokenizer for Search::Fulltext River stage zero No dependents

This module provides character N-gram tokenizers for Search::Fulltext. By default {1,2,3}-gram tokenzers are available....

SEKIA/Search-Fulltext-Tokenizer-Ngram-0.01 - 31 Dec 2013 18:00:45 UTC

Lingua::JA::Summarize::Extract::Plugin::Parser::Ngram - a word parser by N-gram River stage zero No dependents

parse dose the word by using N-gram. the number of N can be changed by KATAKANA, KANJI, and the Latin character....

YAPPO/Lingua-JA-Summarize-Extract-0.02 - 10 Jun 2007 08:51:30 UTC
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