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No::PersonNr - Check Norwegian Social security numbers River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This documentation is written in Norwegian. Denne modulen kan brukes for å sjekke norske personnummer. De 2 siste siffrene i personnummerene er kontrollsiffre og må stemme overens med resten for at det skal være et gyldig nummer. Modulen inneholder o...

GAAS/Norge-1.08 - 21 May 2004 10:53:02 UTC

No::OrgNr - Utility functions for Norwegian organizations' ID numbers River stage zero No dependents

Organizations in Norway have a 9-digit number for identification. Valid numbers start on 8 or 9. No information about the given organization can be derived from the number. This module contains utility functions for handling these numbers. Please kee...

GEIRMY/No-OrgNr-v0.9.3 - 24 Jul 2016 17:52:47 UTC
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