Classic::Perl - Selectively reinstate deleted Perl features River stage zero No dependents

Classic::Perl restores some Perl features that have been deleted in the latest versions. By 'classic' we mean as of perl 5.8.x. The whole idea is that you can put "use Classic::Perl" at the top of an old script or module (or a new one, if you like th...

SPROUT/Classic-Perl-0.07 - 18 Jun 2017 17:25:14 GMT

Perl::SAX - Generate SAX events for perl source code (incomplete) River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

With the completion of PPI and the potential creation of a viable refactoring Perl editor, there has been renewed interest in parsing perl source code and "Doing Stuff" with it. It was felt (actually, it was demanded) that there should be some sort o...

ADAMK/Perl-SAX-0.08 - 02 Jul 2008 05:05:01 GMT

FBP::Perl - Generate Perl GUI code from wxFormBuilder .fbp files River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

FBP::Perl is a cross-platform Perl code generator for the cross-platform wxFormBuilder <> GUI designer application. Used with the FBP module for parsing native wxFormBuilder save files, it allows the production of complete st...

ADAMK/FBP-Perl-0.78 - 30 Jan 2012 08:36:06 GMT

Vim::Perl - Perl package for efficient interaction with VimScript River stage zero No dependents

OPOPL/Vim-Perl-0.01 - 03 Jun 2014 19:24:28 GMT

AMF::Perl - Flash Remoting in Perl Translated from PHP Remoting v. 0.5b from the -PHP project. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This file accepts the data and deserializes it using the InputStream and Deserializer classes. Then the gateway builds the executive class which then loads the targeted class file and executes the targeted method via flash remoting. After the target ...

SIMONF/AMF-Perl-0.15 - 19 Sep 2004 19:09:08 GMT

Perl::Box - is a ready to use Codio box. Start coding now! River stage zero No dependents

Perl::Box is a Task, a.k.a. Bundle distribution containing most used CPAN stuff needed for coding. Perl-Box <> is a Codio box. They are used to create a Codio stack that you can use to start coding Perl immediately....

FIBO/Perl-Box-0.04 - 05 Jul 2015 18:26:03 GMT

Bio::Perl - Functional access to BioPerl for people who don't know objects River stage two • 64 direct dependents • 67 total dependents

Easy first time access to BioPerl via functions....

CJFIELDS/BioPerl-1.007002 - 11 Sep 2017 21:25:08 GMT

XML::Perl - XML producer from humane perl data, parser to base perl data and simple XPath River stage zero No dependents

XML::Perl is: - XML producer from humane perl data; - XML formater; - XML parser to base perl data; - XML producer from base perl data; - Simple XPath. perl2xml XML producer from humane perl data. my $xml = perl2xml($data); my $xml = perl2xml($data, ...

KNI/XML-Perl-0.09 - 30 Jan 2017 13:59:53 GMT

Perl::Core - Perl core essentials in a single import River stage zero No dependents

Perl::Core provides the best parts of Modern Perl in a single, user-friendly import. Perl version 5.14 is used by default, but you can choose which version to use in your import statement. use Perl::Core '5.18'; The following modules and keywords wil...

AANARI/Perl-Core-0.0100 - 04 Jun 2015 18:03:12 GMT

Perl::Dist - Perl Distribution Creation Toolkit River stage zero No dependents

The Perl::Dist namespace encompasses creation of pre-packaged, binary distributions of Perl, primarily as executable installers for Win32. Packages in this namespace include both "builders" and "distributions". Builder packages automate the generatio...

ADAMK/Perl-Dist-1.16 - 07 Jul 2009 15:38:41 GMT

Data::Perl - Base classes wrapping fundamental Perl data types. River stage three • 5 direct dependents • 288 total dependents

Data::Perl is a collection of classes that wrap fundamental data types that exist in Perl. These classes and methods as they exist today are an attempt to mirror functionality provided by Moose's Native Traits. One important thing to note is all clas...

MATTP/Data-Perl-0.002009 - 27 Jun 2014 01:05:36 GMT

Perl::Lint - Yet Another Perl Source Code Linter River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Perl::Lint is the yet another source code linter for perl....

MOZNION/Perl-Lint-0.25 - 27 Sep 2016 02:11:22 GMT

Perl::Tags - Generate (possibly exuberant) Ctags style tags for Perl sourcecode River stage zero No dependents

OSFAMERON/Perl-Tags-0.32 - 26 May 2014 02:45:04 GMT

Perl::Meta - Extract metadata from perl/pod text. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

CHORNY/Perl-Meta-0.03 - 01 Jan 2017 00:18:54 GMT

Prty::Perl - Erweiterte und abgesicherte Perl-Operationen River stage zero No dependents

Die Klasse implementiert grundlegende Perl-Operationen, die Erweiterungen darstellen und/oder durch Exception-Behandlung abgesichert sind....

FSEITZ/Prty-1.125 - 21 Oct 2018 16:03:13 GMT

Perl6::Perl - $obj->perl just like $obj.perl in Perl 6 River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

In Perl 6, everything is an object and every object comes with the ".perl" method that returns the "eval()"uable representation thereof. This module does just that. Since Perl 5 is already shipped with Data::Dumper, this module makes use of it; In fa...

DANKOGAI/Perl6-Perl-0.01 - 23 Dec 2006 23:14:07 GMT

Perl::Strip - reduce file size by stripping whitespace, comments, pod etc. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This module transforms perl sources into a more compact format. It does this by removing most whitespace, comments, pod, and by some other means. The resulting code looks obfuscated, but perl (and the deparser) don't have any problems with that. Depe...

MLEHMANN/Perl-Strip-1.1 - 23 Jan 2012 02:24:46 GMT

Perl::Staff - People working for Perl River stage zero No dependents

SEWI/Perl-Staff-0.03 - 31 Mar 2010 10:21:26 GMT

Shell::Perl - A read-eval-print loop in Perl River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

This is the implementation of a command-line interpreter for Perl. I wrote this because I was tired of using irb when needing a calculator with a real language within. Ah, that and because it was damn easy to write it. This module is the heart of the...

FERREIRA/Shell-Perl-0.004 - 03 May 2017 00:31:20 GMT

Probe::Perl - Information about the currently running perl River stage three • 32 direct dependents • 419 total dependents

This module provides methods for obtaining information about the currently running perl interpreter. It originally began life as code in the "Module::Build" project, but has been externalized here for general use....

KWILLIAMS/Probe-Perl-0.03 - 08 Aug 2013 02:30:20 GMT

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