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Perl::Critic::Policy::ValuesAndExpressions::RequireConstantVersion - Require $VERSION to be a constant rather than a computed value. River stage three • 131 direct dependents • 386 total dependents

The $VERSION variable of a module should be a simple constant - either a number, a single-quotish string, or a 'use version' object. In the latter case the 'use version;' must appear on the same line as the object construction. Computing the version ...

PETDANCE/Perl-Critic-1.144 - 06 Dec 2022 04:59:59 UTC

Perl::Critic::Policy::ValuesAndExpressions::RequireNumericVersion - $VERSION a plain number River stage two • 5 direct dependents • 18 total dependents

This policy is part of the "Perl::Critic::Pulp" add-on. It asks you to use a plain number in a module $VERSION so that Perl's builtin version works. Any literal number is fine, or a string which is a number, $VERSION = 123; # ok $VERSION = '1.5'; # o...

KRYDE/Perl-Critic-Pulp-99 - 28 Feb 2021 08:34:14 UTC
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