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Perl::OSType - Map Perl operating system names to generic types River stage five • 15 direct dependents • 20720 total dependents

Modules that provide OS-specific behaviors often need to know if the current operating system matches a more generic type of operating systems. For example, 'linux' is a type of 'Unix' operating system and so is 'freebsd'. This module provides a mapp...

DAGOLDEN/Perl-OSType-1.010 - 21 Jun 2016 21:57:12 UTC

Perl::osnames - List possible $^O ($OSNAME) values, with description River stage three • 54 direct dependents • 601 total dependents

This package contains $data which lists possible values of $^O along with description for each. It also provides some helper functions. Tags * unix Unix-like operating systems. This currently excludes beos/haiku. * bsd BSD-derived Unix operating syst...

PERLANCAR/Perl-osnames-0.122 - 13 Feb 2020 03:00:59 UTC
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