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Perl6::Interpolators - Use Perl 6 function-interpolation syntax River stage zero No dependents

Perl6::Interpolate allows you to interpolate function calls into strings. Because of Perl's contexts, Perl6::Interpolate requires a sigil (a funny character--$ or @ in this case) to tell the function being called which context to use; thus, the synta...

BRENTDAX/Perl6-Interpolators-0.03 - 10 Aug 2001 09:29:32 UTC

Bundle::Perl6 - A bundle to install Perl6-related modules River stage zero No dependents

This bundle defines modules that may be of interest to those discussing and implementing the Perl 6 language. Some of these are proof-of-concepts that the respective authors have implemented to show how things might work in Perl 6....

MARCEL/Bundle-Perl6-0.12 - 17 Dec 2008 12:06:48 UTC

Perl6::Rules - Implements (most of) the Perl 6 regex syntax River stage zero No dependents

This module implements a close simulation of the Perl 6 rule and grammar constructs, translating them back to Perl 5 regexes via a source filter. (And hence suffers from all the usual limitations of a source filter, including the ability to translate...

DCONWAY/Perl6-Rules-0.03 - 12 Apr 2004 20:13:31 UTC
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