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Pod::Text::Color::Delight - Delight Light Highlight the POD River stage zero No dependents

Pod::Text::Color::Delight is a subclass of Pod::Text::Color that highlights the pod text by using ANSI color escape. Highlight of this module is a little radical in comparison with parent. On default setting, this module highlights headlines, links, ...

MOZNION/Pod-Text-Color-Delight-0.07 - 08 Feb 2014 06:49:16 UTC

Pod::Cpandoc::Cache - Caching cpandoc River stage zero No dependents

Pod::Cpandoc::Cache cache fetched document from CPAN. TTL is 1day....

TOKUBASS/Pod-Cpandoc-Cache-0.06 - 10 Jun 2017 14:48:26 UTC

Pod::Perldoc::Cache - Caching perldoc output for quick reference River stage zero No dependents

Pod::Perldoc::Cache caches the formatted output from perldoc command and references it for the next time. Once the cache file is generated, perldoc command no more formats the pod file, but replies the cache contents instantly. This module keeps trac...

ADDSICT/Pod-Perldoc-Cache-0.02 - 23 Apr 2014 12:28:11 UTC
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