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Pod::Text::Overstrike - Convert POD data to formatted overstrike text River stage five • 63 direct dependents • 32197 total dependents

Pod::Text::Overstrike is a simple subclass of Pod::Text that highlights output text using overstrike sequences, in a manner similar to nroff. Characters in bold text are overstruck (character, backspace, character) and characters in underlined text a...

RRA/podlators-5.00 - 25 Nov 2022 22:41:52 UTC

Pod::Perldoc::ToTextOverstrike - let Perldoc render Pod as formatted overstrike text River stage zero No dependents

This is a "plug-in" class that allows Perldoc to use Pod::Text::Overstrike as a formatter class. It supports all options supported by Pod::Perldoc::ToText....

SREZIC/Pod-Perldoc-ToTextTermcap-0.01 - 04 Sep 2009 21:23:39 UTC
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