Proc::Short - return short system calls with options River stage zero No dependents

The Proc::Short is intended to be an extension of the backticks operator in PERL which incorporates a number of options, including collecting STDOUT and STDERR separately -- plus timeout and automatic retries. A new process object is created by $mypr...

JHKIM/Proc-Short-0.01 - 28 Dec 1999 00:28:48 UTC

Proc::Queue - limit the number of child processes running River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module lets you parallelise a perl program using the "fork", "exit", "wait" and "waitpid" calls as usual but without taking care of creating too many processes and overloading the machine. It redefines perl "fork", "exit", "wait" and "waitpid" c...

SALVA/Proc-Queue-1.23 - 07 Jan 2008 22:38:00 UTC

Proc::Async - Running and monitoring processes asynchronously River stage zero No dependents

This module can execute an external process, monitor its state, get its results and, if needed, kill it prematurely and remove its results. There are, of course, many modules that cover similar functionality, including functions directly built-in in ...

TULSOFT/Proc-Async-0.2.0 - 29 May 2013 07:32:56 UTC

Proc::BackOff River stage zero No dependents

Proc::BackOff is a base module meant to be directly inherited from and then modified by overloading the calculate_back_off object method. Use: Proc::BackOff::Linear, Proc::BackOff::Random, or Proc::BackOff::Exponential. Any success "$obj->success()" ...

DLO/Proc-BackOff-0.02 - 13 Aug 2007 04:35:53 UTC

Proc::Reliable - Run external processes reliably with many options. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

A new process object is created by $myproc = Proc::Reliable->new(); The default will run a subprocess only once with a 60-second timeout. Either shell-like command lines or references to perl subroutines can be specified for launching a process in ba...

DGOLD/Proc-Reliable-1.16 - 24 Nov 2003 07:57:47 UTC

Proc::ProcessTable::ncps - New Colorized(optional) PS, a enhanced version of PS with advanced searching capabilities River stage zero No dependents

VVELOX/Proc-ProcessTable-ncps-0.1.2 - 30 Dec 2020 10:53:05 UTC

Proc::ProcessTable::piddler - Display all process table, open files, and network connections for a PID. River stage zero No dependents

VVELOX/Proc-ProcessTable-piddler-0.2.0 - 04 Sep 2019 05:04:28 UTC

Proc::ProcessTable::Colorizer - Like ps, but with colored columns and enhnaced functions for searching. River stage zero No dependents

VVELOX/Proc-ProcessTable-Colorizer-0.4.0 - 15 Aug 2019 22:29:24 UTC
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