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RRDTool::OO - Object-oriented interface to RRDTool River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

"RRDTool::OO" is an object-oriented interface to Tobi Oetiker's round robin database tool *rrdtool*. It uses *rrdtool*'s "RRDs" module to get access to *rrdtool*'s shared library. "RRDTool::OO" tries to marry *rrdtool*'s database engine with the dwim...

MSCHILLI/RRDTool-OO-0.36 - 13 May 2015 06:24:00 UTC

RRDTool::Creator - Creators for round robin databases (RRD) River stage zero No dependents

The "RRDTool::Creator" objects are specific creators for different kind of RRD files. They are based on the Round Robin Database Tool (<>) and on the Perl module RRDTool::OO....

JACQUELIN/RRDTool-Creator-1.0 - 06 Jun 2010 15:53:50 UTC
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