Regexp::Trie - builds trie-ized regexp River stage three • 1 direct dependent • 748 total dependents

This module is a faster but simpler version of Regexp::Assemble or Regexp::Optimizer. It builds a trie-ized regexp as above. This module is faster than Regexp::Assemble but you can only add literals. "a+b" is treated as "a\+b", not "more than one a's...

DANKOGAI/Regexp-Trie-0.02 - 27 Apr 2006 05:46:12 UTC

Regexp::Assemble - Assemble multiple Regular Expressions into a single RE River stage two • 25 direct dependents • 86 total dependents

Regexp::Assemble takes an arbitrary number of regular expressions and assembles them into a single regular expression (or RE) that matches all that the individual REs match. As a result, instead of having a large list of expressions to loop over, a t...

RSAVAGE/Regexp-Assemble-0.38 - 19 Jun 2017 23:15:38 UTC

Regexp::Log::BlueCoat - A regexp builder to parse BlueCoat log files River stage zero No dependents

Regexp::Log::BlueCoat is a module that computes custom regular expressions to parse log files generated by the BlueCoat Sytems *Port 80 Security Appliance*. See the Regexp::Log documentation for a description of the standard Regexp::Log interface. St...

BOOK/Regexp-Log-BlueCoat-0.03 - 28 Mar 2005 00:43:57 UTC
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