Solaris::Contents - Read /var/sadm/install/contents file River stage zero No dependents

Solaris::Contents is an object oriented interface into the /var/sadm/install/contents file which Solaris uses to keep track of all the files installed on a system, and their corresponding packages....

CHRISJ/sol-inst-0.90a - 26 Oct 2000 15:40:37 GMT

Solaris::Procfs - access Solaris process information from Perl River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module is an interface the /proc filesystem on Solaris systems. Each process on a Solaris system has a corresponding directory under /proc, named after the process id. In each of these directories are a series of files and subdirectories, which ...

JNOLAN/Solaris-Procfs-0.26 - 26 Jun 2003 16:59:10 GMT

Solaris::Package - Perl module to obtain basic Solaris Package Info River stage zero No dependents

Solaris::Package is a class module that reads in the information from a pkginfo file for a Solaris package. It can be spawned from a Solaris::InstallDB object, or it can be used as a standalone object....

CHRISJ/sol-inst-0.90a - 26 Oct 2000 15:40:37 GMT

Solaris::InstallDB - Manages Solaris package information River stage zero No dependents

The Solaris::InstallDB class manages a directory of Solaris packages. It searches for all of the packages in a directory, and then records them in a hash table by name and architecture. It is also capable of spawning a Solaris::Contents object. With ...

CHRISJ/sol-inst-0.90a - 26 Oct 2000 15:40:37 GMT

Software::Packager::Solaris - The Software::Packager extension for Solaris 2.5.1 and above River stage zero No dependents

This module is used to create software packages in a format suitable for installation with pkgadd. The process of creating packages is baised upon the document Application Packaging Developer's Guide. Which can be found at

RBDAVISON/Software-Packager-Solaris-0.1 - 26 Oct 2006 14:23:38 GMT

Solaris::DeviceTree::Libdevinfo::PromProperty River stage zero No dependents

This class allows access to PROM properties of a node in various output formats. The value of the property is returned as a reference to a scalar containing the binary values of the property....

DAGOBERT/Solaris-DeviceTree-0.03 - 13 Dec 2003 10:20:01 GMT

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