Statistics::Descriptive::Discrete - Compute descriptive statistics for discrete data sets. River stage zero No dependents

This module provides basic functions used in descriptive statistics. It borrows very heavily from Statistics::Descriptive::Full (which is included with Statistics::Descriptive) with one major difference. This module is optimized for discretized data ...

RHETTBULL/Statistics-Descriptive-Discrete-0.12 - 05 May 2019 05:18:26 UTC

Statistics::Running - Basic descriptive statistics (mean/stdev/min/max/skew/kurtosis) and discrete Probability Distribution (via histogram) over data without the need to store data points ever. OOP style. River stage zero No dependents

Statistics are updated every time a new data point is added in. The common practice to calculate descriptive statistics for 5 data points as well as 1 billion points is to store them in an array, loop over the array to calculate the mean, then loop o...

BLIAKO/Statistics-Running-0.13 - 16 Feb 2019 19:22:25 UTC

Statistics::Frequency - simple counting of elements River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Statistics::Frequency is a simple class for counting *elements*, in other words, their *frequencies*. Note that Statistics::Frequency is not similar to statistics modules like, say, Statistics::Descriptive. Statistics::Frequency doesn't operate on nu...

JHI/Statistics-Frequency-0.04 - 25 Aug 2015 02:57:39 UTC

Statistics::Running::Tiny - Basic descriptive statistics (mean/stdev/min/max/skew/kurtosis) over data without the need to store data points ever. OOP style. River stage zero No dependents

Calculate basic descriptive statistics (mean, variance, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis) without the need to store any data point/sample. Statistics are updated each time a new data point/sample comes in. There are three amazing things about B...

BLIAKO/Statistics-Running-Tiny-0.03 - 16 Feb 2019 19:23:53 UTC

Statistics::Sequences::Pot - Helmut Schmidt's test of force-like runs of a discrete state within a numerical or categorical sequence River stage zero No dependents

The Pot statistic measures the bunching relative to the spacing of a single state within a series of other states, conceived by Helmut Schmidt as a targeted "potential" energy (or Pot) that dissipates exponentially between states. It's not limited to...

RGARTON/Statistics-Sequences-Pot-0.12 - 24 Jul 2013 11:12:29 UTC

Bundle::Math::Statistics - Bundle of modules related to statistics River stage zero No dependents

This is a bundle of modules related to statistics. Please have a look at Bundle::Math. If you would like to see a specific module included in a future version of this bundle, please send me an email or use

SMUELLER/Bundle-Math-Statistics-1.01 - 10 Jul 2004 06:58:21 UTC

Statistics::Descriptive::LogScale - Memory-efficient approximate univariate descriptive statistics class. River stage zero No dependents

This module aims at providing some advanced statistical functions without storing all data in memory, at the cost of certain (predictable) precision loss. Data is represented by a set of bins that only store counts of fitting data points. Most bins a...

KHEDIN/Statistics-Descriptive-LogScale-0.11 - 11 Nov 2017 22:52:08 UTC
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